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Celebrities and beauty queens participate in afforestation

TTH.VN - In response to the policy of planting 1 billion trees and celebrating Vietnam's Forestry Day (November 28th), in recent days, forestry units and forest owners have planted thousands of indigenous trees such as green ironwood, cycads, tarrietia javanica blume (huynh), golden oaks, etc. All these plants are able to adapt to climate change and prevent landslides very effectively.

Going into forest to survey afforestation varietiesGoing into forest to survey afforestation varieties

Miss H'Hen Nie participating in tree planting activities at Bach Ma National Park

On November 29th, Bach Ma National Park, in cooperation with Gaia Nature Conservation Center, launched the afforestation of indigenous plants in the area under its management. Notably, this afforestation phase welcomes the participation of Miss Universe Vietnam 2017, Ms. H'Hen Nie.

Miss H'Hen Nie shared that she was also very happy to arrive at Bach Ma National Park to participate in this meaningful afforestation phase. In just a few years to come, this treeless land will be covered with thousands of plants. It is hoped that many individuals and organizations will join hands to afforest on treeless lands and hills in order to build a green Vietnam.

Planting indigenous trees at Bach Ma National Park

With the program “Plant one tree - Develop the forest”, this tree planting activity contributes to reducing storm and flood damage in the Central region in general and Thua Thien Hue in particular, improving the biological functions of the forest in the task of protecting water sources, purifying the air, and responding to climate change, thereby creating a safe and healthy natural habitat for rare wild and forest animals.

During this time, Bach Ma National Park coordinated with Gaia Nature Conservation Center to plant about 3,500 indigenous species of trees (equivalent to 3.5 ha) such as green ironwood, tarrietia javanica blume, copper-beech, cycads, etc. This activity helped afforest treeless lands or those without secondary forest in Ho Truoi areas and both sides of the patrol roads for the purpose of protecting forests along Ho Chi Minh road, La Son - Tuy Loan section.

The group of celebrities led by Truong Giang planting trees in Bach Ma National Park

Previously in mid-August, in the program "2 days 1 night in Vietnam" organized by DONG TAY Promotion Company, celebrities such as Mr. Truong Giang, Mr. Ngo Kien Huy, Mr. Le Duong Bao Lam, Mr. Kieu Minh Tuan, Mr. Song Luan, etc., participated in planting 100 indigenous trees at Bach Ma National Park. The celebrities were introduced to the establishment of the park, the level of biodiversity, and the typical and rare species of flora and fauna here by the forest rangers of Bach MaNational Park.

The celebrities also joined hands to spread the Prime Minister's policy of planting 1 billion trees. According to Mr. Truong Giang, celebrities are always busy with their work of bringing joy to everyone while distributing the propaganda to raise people's awareness in forest management, protection and development. To celebrities, it is such a meaningful activity to participate in tree planting at Bach Ma National Park and an opportunity for them to better understand the forest and express their love for nature. 

Miss H'Hen Nie participating in tree planting activities in Bach Ma National Park

Mr. Nguyen Vu Linh, Director of Bach Ma National Park, said: "We are proud that the National Park is one of 200 key ecological regions in the world with diverse flora and fauna as well as many rare species. The unit is always well-aware that Bach Ma National Park plays an important role in protecting the forests and the water sources for rivers in the downstream area.

Such pride and strong sense are the motivation for the staff to constantly strive and develop the profession of forest protection and nature conservation. We are very happy when the afforestation phase receives interest and support from the community, celebrities and Miss Vietnam. The unit desires that the afforestation model here will be transferred to other riverhead areas in the country.

On this occasion, Bach Ma National Park also launched a movement to plant trees around the campus, at working offices, at departments, units and grassroots ranger stations; mobilize and provide 300 seedlings for 2 communes in the buffer zone to plant scattered trees with the hope that everyone will actively participate in tree planting and environmental protection.

Previously, the Youth Union of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, in coordination with the Vietnam Airlines Youth Union, launched a campaign to plant and care for 20,000 trees (about 20 hectares) in the riverhead area, protecting the environment in the period of 2022 - 2025 with the first program of planting and tending 5ha of indigenous trees in Bach Ma National Park.

The director of the Provincial Forest Protection Department, Mr. Le Ngoc Tuan, informed that forestry units and local authorities were actively responding to the policy and movement of planting 1 billion trees. With the active response of all levels, departments and communities, the policy of planting 1 billion trees has been put into practice and life. In the past few days (as of November 30th), forestry units and forest owners have planted about 15,000 indigenous trees such as sal trees, green ironwood, tarrietia javanica Blume, cycads, golden oaks, casuarina, peacock plants, flamboyant trees, crepe myrtle, etc.

Story and photos: TRIEU NINH

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