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“Forest bathing”

TTH.VN - As the "doors" of cultural heritage have been gradually opened over the years, the "doors" of the natural landscape are also continuing to be unlocked.…, bringing tourists an incredibly unique Ancient Capital.

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 Tourists  experience "forest bathing" at Alba Wellness Resort

Soul healed

After a sequence of months of struggling against the pandemic, the work in chaos, and the suffocating crampedness of urban areas... female tourist Nguyen Dieu Vinh from Ho Chi Minh City decided to "move" to Hue to savor the moments of discovering herself.

The female tourist chose a resort located at the foot of the majestic Truong Son Mountain Range, a place totally separate from the honks of vehicles, the chug of engines, and even the calls of street vendors late at night, which seemed to tear apart the souls being wounded …

At the accommodation, every morning, at the crack of dawn, the female tourist gets up, goes into the forest, and relaxes in the green space, letting her senses feel the green of the vegetation and the scent of lemon eucalyptus and weeds. Listening to the chirps of birds, feeling every touch on the rough cool tree trunk, immersing herself in the scenery and sound of nature, and breathing deeply and focusing on what her senses are taking in are the way of "forest bathing" the female tourist experiences. Such apparently small discoveries and connections with nature are incredibly relaxing and happy.

After 2 weeks in Hue, on the day of farewell, female tourist Nguyen Dieu Vinh confided that she had precious time to reflect upon everything. Now the female tourist seems to have mental stability. With no more negative thoughts, "mind, body, and intelligence" become healthy. Perhaps this is attributed to the energy absorbed from nature.

From faraway Germany, when arriving in Hue, tourist Ander Charlotte chose to join in the "forest bathing" tour in Bach Ma organized by a company in Hue. Having traveled to many places and joined in many "forest bathing" tours, whenever he comes to a new land, tourist Ander Charlotte chooses to closely contemplate the small plants growing at the roots such as mushrooms, mosses as well as the entire tree trunks, branches and bear the colors, shapes, and structures in mind. He listens to the rustle of leaves, the chirp of birds flying from one branch to another, or the drip of water from somewhere, not ignoring even the smallest sound.

“I stood on the top of a large waterfall, took off my shoes, placed my bare feet on the rock face, spread my arms wide, faced forward, and took a deep breath to perceive. The powerful streams of wind, air, water, trees, and soil… apparently slowly entered the body. The perception of this land was distinctly different; the energy was cool and pure. Besides, on the journey to explore the Bach Ma Jungle, the strength of tree trunks, the softness of leaves, or the rough pebbles all created a gripping experience," tourist Ander Charlotte felt.

Mr. Hylton Lipkin, General Manager of Alba Wellness Resort, an expert in healthcare tourism, said that trees, especially those in the forest, have the effect of cleaning the air. When conducting photosynthesis, trees can fully absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen.

During the growth process of many tree species, their leaf blades can spread organic substances with a fragrant scent similar to pine oil. This substance has the effect of inhibiting and killing bacteria in the air, preventing inflammation, and cancer, and promoting the secretion of substances that regulate the body's growth and development. The air in the forest contains large amounts of negative ions beneficial for health. Plants also act as purifiers to harmful gases, dust, sand, and soil in the air... Therefore, after each trip to the forest, everyone can feel more refreshed.

"Forest bathing" tour tapped

 Mr. Truong Thanh Minh, Director of the Tourism Promotion Information Center, said that around the world, the psychological and health therapy method of "forest bathing" has been tapped to become an enjoyable tour. Especially after the outbreak of the pandemic, the trend of healthcare tourism, leaving crowded places and seeking quiet places, enjoys more popularity.

In Hue, some tourist attractions and travel companies have tapped "forest bathing" products such as at Alba Thanh Tan, Bach Ma, or A Luoi. This is an inviting tour built and promoted by the tourism sector to attract tourists.

As one of the few units that operate "forest bathing" tours, Hue Connection Company, Ltd. launched programs for tourists to trek, bathe in streams, camp under shady trees, and meditate. ... to help tourists calm their mind and heart and ease negative emotions and worries. Tourists can blend mindfulness with immersion in nature, feel the sound of forests, and the scent of vegetation, enjoy the cool air, and melt into the rays of sunlight peeking through the foliage.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc An, Director of Hue Connection Company, Ltd. shared that through undergoing many direct experiences and taking tourists to a destination of experience, when entering the forest, there I find the energy sources of the mountains and forests. Once you touch the magical color palettes of nature, feel the scent of the forest, then touch to look back at yourself with no worries, no judgments but empathy and gratitude for the present. Those "forest bathing" moments allow me to think and reflect upon many things, making more mature even bold decisions in the way I think and do about tourism.

Businesswoman Ta Thi Ngoc Thao, owner of Tịnh cư Cát Tường Quân (Cat Tuong Quan Pure Zen House), judged that Hue is a "holy" land. Both spiritual cultural values and nature help people easily do meditation and find their ego. The resorts at the foot of the mountain or along both sides of the river enable tourists to freely melt into nature. In those spots, if there are places for tourists to meditate, to contemplate…, then Hue will appeal to a stream of specialized tourists with high expenditure levels.

The idea of forming a "forest bathing" tourism product, according to Dr. Tran Dinh Hang, Director of the Vietnam National Sub-Institute of Culture and Arts in Hue,  needs to be soon implemented and expanded in scale. It is like a "door" that, when unlocked, will introduce friends and tourists everywhere to a destination with exceptionally diverse natural landscapes holding profound mysteries.

Hue tourism needs to unlock every "door", from culture, heritage, people, and customs to scenery... to witness a beautiful Hue land replete with the quintessence, which, once touched, will be intelligence, health, and people.

Story and photo: Duc Quang
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