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Exciting Sinh village's traditional wrestling festival

TTH.VN - On January 31 (the 10th of the Lunar New Year), the traditional wrestling festival of Sinh village, Phu Mau commune, Hue city attracted a large number of local people and tourists to participate and watch.

Exciting traditional wrestling in Thu Le villageSpring comes, wrestling and boats recalled

Intense competition of wrestlers. Photo: Ba Tri

After a 3-year hiatus due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year, Sinh village's traditional wrestling festival was held to preserve and promote the traditional cultural values of the homeland and the nation and the typical cultural characteristics of the province in general, of Sinh village in Phu Mau commune in particular.

Wrestling is one of the oldest and healthy traditional cultural event in early spring, creating a joyful and exciting atmosphere to celebrate the Party and celebrate the spring. It encourages commune officials and people to be determined to successfully carry out the task of socio-economic development, strengthening national defense and security.

The wrestling event opened with the performance of two pairs of professional wrestlers with experienced performances. Next were the thrilling, attractive and eye-catching matches of the wrestlers.

This year's wrestling event attracted a large number of male and female wrestlers who are young people with good health from villages in the commune and surrounding areas. Wrestlers competed in traditional wrestling, with two tournaments: youth and junior. The tournament applied the principle of national wrestling rules. Wrestlers must pass the qualifying round by defeating 2 and 3 opponents for the junior and youth tournaments, respectively. In the semi-finals, wrestlers must defeat 1 opponent before entering the final round.

In the wrestling ring, wrestlers competed fairly and devoted themselves to the spirit of chivalry, exchanging and learning from each other. The festival also has the meaning of praying for good luck in the new year, praying for favorable weather, good crops, happiness to all...

Sinh village wrestling festival is held every year on the 10th day of the first lunar month. According to history books, this is the place to build shipbuilding camps, elite naval and infantry training schools to fight foreign invaders, protect the homeland. Martial arts from all regions were selected to make Sinh village’s wrestling tournament unique, so it has become an annual traditional wrestling festival of the homeland. Coming to Sinh village's wrestling festival, locals and tourists can immerse themselves in a culturally rich folk festival.

Some photos at Sinh Village's Wrestling Festival in the New Year of the Cat 2023:

Giving souvenir flags to the organizers

The ritual of handing over the drumstick to the village elder before the opening of the wrestling festival

The elders of the village beat the drums to open the festival

The competition of junior wrestlers was attractive and thrilling from the first minute

Youth wrestlers competed more fiercely

Professional wrestling pairs with experienced moves

Awarding winning wrestlers

A large number of local people and tourists cheering on

By Ba Tri

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