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Ophthalmology Center - Hue Central Hospital:

First time performing corneal transplantation from donor’s cornea

TTH.VN - For the first time, Hue Ophthalmology Center – Hue Central Hospital implemented corneal transplantation from the "donor" who passed away on the afternoon of July 8.

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Post-corneal transplantation examination for patients

Earlier in the morning of July 4, when they heard that Nguyen Viet B., born in 1936, Dong Khuong 1 village, Dien Phuong commune, Dien Ban district, Quang Nam province passed away, and that he had a wish to donate his cornea, The National Center for Organ Transplant Coordination, together with leaders and group of physicians of the Ophthalmology Center and Hue Central Hospital, quickly travelled hundreds of kilometers to get corneas from the donor in the shortest time to maintain the corneas’ good quality.

On the morning of July 8, with the support of Dr. Pham Ngoc Dong, Deputy Director of Central Ophthalmology Hospital, a group of doctors from the Ophthalmology Center and Hue Central Hospital conducted a consultation to choose the appropriate patients. After hours of examination and consultation, the Ophthalmology Center chose patients Phan Huu L., 65, a retired official with two eyes damaged by "the scar of war" and Le Phuoc H., 38, with blindness due to keratitis since age 10.

In the afternoon of the same day, the doctors of the Ophthalmology Center together with Dr. Pham Ngoc Dong conducted corneal transplants for 2 patients successfully. Just a day after the transplant, the two patients burst with joy when they found the light again.

By Minh Van

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