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Free medical examination and surgeries for 100 children having cleft lips - cleft palates

TTH.VN - On June 8, Hue Central Hospital shared that in a cooperation program with the SmileTrain charity organization (USA), the Odonto-Stomatology Center will provide comprehensive examination, consultation and reconstructive - cosmetic surgeries for children with cleft lip and cleft palate.

Performing free surgery for patients having cleft lip and cleft palateExamining and counseling for surgery for more than 200 cases of birth defectsBringing smiles to children with birth defects in Central Highland region

 Surgery for a child with cleft lip-palate at Hue Central Hospital

Activities during the Month for cleft lip and cleft palate children.

It is expected that 100 patients will receive free screening, pre-operative test, surgeries and post-operative care in this campaign.

Patients to be screened include children with congenital malformations of cleft lip and palate who have not received surgery; those with cleft lip - palate and having undergone surgeries and need comprehensive treatment: pronunciation, orthodontics; those with cleft lip - palate with dissonance of maxillofacial bone that need plastic surgery.

The registration period is from now until the end of June 18.

The examination and indication for surgery took place from June 19 to the end of June 24. The surgery phase is from June 19 to July 19, 2023.

Patients in need can contact us via phone numbers: 0914.019.019; 094.502.5608; 077.343.9014 for advice and instruction.

By Tue - Hien
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