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Green Sunday: Green roads, "green" hearts - part 1: Cleaning up rubbish for a green and clean environment



The poetic Huong River flows into the heart of the green city

From the idea of Green Sunday, many movements were initiated. From urban to rural areas, people have begun cleaning up rubbish. Models of environmental protection were born one after another, making Thua Thien Hue a national highlight in the field of environmental protection.

We do not start the story of Hue's Green Sunday with tree-lined streets but with the saying of the Ta Oi ethnic man in Can Sam village, Hong Thuong commune, A Luoi district: "We must clean up rubbish for a green and clean environment!”

Union members and young people of A Luoi district participating in planting flowers

This year, Mr. Nguyen Sy Nam has witnessed more than 70 rice seasons. The concrete road running along the green tea hedge by his house is clean and beautiful. There are only the colors of flowers and leaves. There is absolutely not a piece of trash.

This green and clean road is a model road. It is the result after a period of hard work of the people of Can Sam village. Every day, their duties not only include farming in the upland fields. With those highlanders, there are other duties: picking up rubbish and planting flowers!

The road leading to the center of Nham commune (A Luoi district) amidst the blazing sun, the colorful ten-o’clock flowers calm the burning heat. In response to the Green Sunday, the highland people participate in cleaning the environment. Women sweep and pick up rubbish; men dig soil, make fences; young people plant flowers. The roads put on a new coat.

“From rubbish collection, we raise people’s awareness to build a model for replication. Garbage collection is carried out by mass organizations with all forces involved. A gong-bell is used to notify people of the fixed time to clean the environment,” Chairman of Nham Commune People's Committee - Phan Minh Cai shared.

A new wind of change has reached the people, when environmental sanitation is carried out in each hamlet and village ...


The idea of building "Hue – A city with 4 seasons of flowers" has received many different ideas. Of course, Hue cannot have different flowers for each season. But looking at the flowers growing on the substrate of a car tire, a vase, a flower pot ... on the roads, in schools, hospitals, agencies, parks ... we can see that the idea in part has been realized.


More than a year ago, the water surface area in the field of Thanh Lam, Huong Thuy Town was a living source with a fish raising model, providing a good source of income for many households. Though not without regrets, but to create a lotus route connecting Huong Thuy Town with Hue City, people sacrificed their own interests, yielding the lake for lotus cultivation. In mid-March, lotus blooms on the route that is the southern gateway to Hue city.

Many routes with natural colors make Hue one of a kind

"Hue with four seasons of flowers" is the idea of building Thua Thien Hue green - clean - bright. Accordingly, many areas in Hue city will be used for growing flowers. And it is not only flowers. It is also the color of seasonal leaves, creating a highlight for the city.

“The ultimate goal is to make Hue more beautiful. Flowers must be planted, cared for and managed by people. Even people can live off of flowers. Agencies and units join hands, creating a green landscape right at the headquarters. From there the awareness will be raised. Each person will be a flower,” said Chairman of Provincial People's Committee Phan Ngoc Tho.

Huong River flows into the heart of Hue city with two shady trees shores, becoming a magical sight every sunset. Beautiful, but the Huong River is becoming polluted over time. With Green Sunday, the river is being protected.


Mrs. Dan, a woman over sixty years old who is now a grandmother, is one of the diligent people who went along the Huong River every day, picking up everything people threw in the river. She collects, classifies, and then swims in the water every afternoon. The woman of Thanh Hoa origin told us: “Every day we pray for ourselves but forget to pray for the river. By saving the river and saving the water, we are saving ourselves.” Her words touch the "pain" of the river ...when every day, the river receives so much garbage that people unconsciously discard.

It is not just Hue people. Tourists see the poetic river flowing in the heart of the city as a source of life. "Thank you, Huong River" was established by Hue lovers to protect and preserve the heritage river.


The club "Thank you, Huong River" was created by a man in his 60s and it has received the response and participation of many people. They use their own money to buy necessary items to pick up trash, giving back to the Huong River its green color.

"Thank you, Huong River" has become the highlight of the Green Sunday movement with the love of the river and the willingness of every citizen. “For me, the Huong River is a source of life. Seeing the polluted river hurt my heart. From my love for Hue, with this heritage river, the club members and I volunteer to pick up trash to return the inherent beauty to the river,” said Huong Lan, a member of the club “Thank you, Huong River”.



For people like Ms. Huong Lan, cleaning up the Huong River is a way of apologizing to the "gentle mother" who has watered the mudflats, gardens and the hearts of Hue people over the years.

The implementation of Green After one year of implementing the Green Sunday movement, from urban to rural areas, from offices to streets, every place was green, clean and beautiful ... The footsteps of the leaders who accompanied the people, empowering movements and models, creating an extensive "Green Sunday" network.

Sunday was included in the action plan of each agency and unit, and is a criterion for the annual evaluation and classification of organizations and individuals.


Mr. Ta Duong Anh Tuan, Vice Chairman of An Dong Ward People's Committee, Hue City shared: "People are the subjects of Green Sunday but officials must be the pioneers. Officials must first set an example for the people to follow, thereby, spreading in the community.”

The Green Sunday movement is being maintained and entering a new phase. Improving the responsibility of setting an example of the head in agencies, organizations and units; strengthening sanctions on violations; and raising awareness of not littering are the three key solutions. Enhancing the role of the heads of agencies, units and localities in order to bring the Green Sunday movement into reality, becoming the regular action and lifestyle of everyone, every home and community is the "backbone" to create a movement that is sustainable…


Content: Le Tho - Thai Binh

Photo: Hoang Hai - Dang Tuyen - Le Tho - Thai Binh - Phan Thanh

Design: Quang Thieu



Announcement of the ASEAN Clean Tourist City Awards 2024

On the morning of February 4th, at Trinh Cong Son Park, the People's Committee of Hue City organized the announcement ceremony for the ASEAN Clean Tourist City Awards 2024 and launched the Green Sunday event across the entire city.

Announcement of the ASEAN Clean Tourist City Awards 2024
The green shady roads

If you come to Hue, do not forget to take time in the early morning to walk or bike under the rows of green trees to feel a peaceful fresh new day by the romantic Huong river, together with the majestic temples...

The green shady roads
Typical organizations and individuals of the “Green Sunday” project to be rewarded on June 2

On the afternoon of May 30, the Office of the Provincial People's Committee said that on the morning of Sunday (June 2), the Provincial People's Committee would organize the activities of the Vietnam Sea and Island Week 2019, the Month of Action for the Environment in response to the World Oceans Day 2019, the World Environment Day 2019, and the “Green Sunday” project all over the province.

Typical organizations and individuals of the “Green Sunday” project to be rewarded on June 2
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