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Green Sunday: Green roads, "green" hearts - part 3: From picking up trash towards no more littering




Tourists greet Hue in the morning sun

At the 1-year review meeting on the implementation of the recent Green Sunday movement, Chairman Phan Ngoc Tho assessed that Green Sunday had received extensive response from the community and society, bringing practical results.

Individuals and collectives were praised at the Conference to sum up one year of the Green Sunday movement

However, some people remain indifferent to the movement. Departments, branches, unions, associations and businesses had lacked smooth cooperation. In some cases, the movement was carried out as a contract employment. The classification of waste had not been carried out rigorously.

The Huong River has become greener after the Green Sunday but after every full moon, first day of the Lunar month, or festival, floating votive still appeared on the river. Despite the prohibition, some people still have the bad habit of spreading votive paper directly into the river.

Residual waste had not been collected properly in some rural areas

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Son, Director of the Department of Information and Communications, said that the Center for Monitoring and Operating Smart City had received many reports on the littering, burning and throwing votive items into the Huong River. After receiving the reports, the authorities have put in strict measures to keep regulations on protecting the environment, aiming to build a "Green-Clean-Bright Thua Thien Hue".

In rural areas, there are still places with rubbish. Rubbish is still scattered in residential areas, and people are still piling trash in the wrong places. Waste collection and treatment in some localities are still inadequate.


Garbage poses a risk to the living environment, especially when the infrastructure and waste treatment technology in the province is not yet complete.

Among more than 650 tons of waste discharged to the environment in the whole province every day, plastic and plastic waste accounts for over 6%, equivalent to more than 35 tons/day. Currently, the rate of garbage collection and treatment in the whole province reaches less than 70%.


Garbage truck arriving at the dump

Many localities and units have implemented models of waste classification at source; mobilize people to classify wastes at home, to not litter, to take out garbage at the right time and at the prescribed place, to keep water sanitation and sanitation of animal husbandry farms, and to use fertilizers and pesticides properly...

Models and innovative ways of collecting rubbish were born, such as the "Friendly waste bins", "Turning garbage into money", "Flower growing garbage bins" or Household waste sorting club...


Waste classification at source is not necessarily a matter of each person's awareness but is closely related to the receiving infrastructure, classification on the basis of technology application, towards mechanization of collection and reduction of environmental pollution.

The waste classification at source solution is considered to be a long-term and sustainable solution. If done well, it can be built into a chain from sorting to recycling, reusing, turning garbage into money.


The community needs to be aware and not litter. The government also needs to invest in more synchronized infrastructure to handle garbage. The Green Sunday movement will be more effective when the final stage of waste disposal is completed,” Mr. Phan Ba Tri (An Dong, Hue City) shared his view.

In 2020, in order for the Green Sunday movement to go into depth, the whole province is determined to implement three main contents: Continuing to bring the movement into reality with the motto "From picking up trash to no more littering"; Educating to raise awareness in the community on "Green Sunday" with the spirit of “Each squared meter must be held accountable for by one unit or one person”; Strengthening the implementation of regulations and implement a system of monitoring and supervision, which focus on deploying and promoting the role of the "Green Sunday" network.


According to Chairman Phan Ngoc Tho, in order to implement the movement well, all levels, branches and localities should continue to thoroughly grasp the motto "Rigorous - Synchronous - Persistent"; Enhance the role of the heads of agencies, units and localities to bring the Green Sunday movement into reality and become a regular action and lifestyle of everyone, every home and every community. At the same time, integrating Resolution 54 of the Politburo on building Thua Thien Hue into a city under the Central Government in the direction of heritage, culture, landscape and environment friendliness.

At the 1-year review conference of the Green Sunday movement, the Party Central Committee member, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Chairman of the provincial People's Council Le Truong Luu said that not only in 2020, but in the coming years, the movement must continue to be promoted strongly. Thereby, creating a new atmosphere for the development period of the province in accordance with Resolution 54 of the Politburo on the development of Thua Thien Hue province to 2030, vision to 2045 with the goal to 2025; Thua Thien Hue becomes a city directly under the Central Government on the basis of preserving and promoting the value of Hue heritage and cultural identity, with cultural, heritage, ecological, landscape, eco-friendly and smart features.

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