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Hot dance for young people

TTH.VN - Not only can young people learn the movements and dance songs that catch up with the trend from Nhu Quynh's hot dance class, but they can also dance to express themselves and be more confident in front of the crowd and the spotlight.

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 Confidently showing off personalities in front of the spotlight

Catching up with the trend

Every Monday and Wednesday night, Bao Han and her classmates in the hot dance class (the class teaching the dances that are all the rage) will practice the movements and catch up with the trend. Each month, class members will learn a new song. These are all "hot" songs on the social network TikTok.

With the dance trend on TikTok, the dance moves only appear for a very short time - only a few tens of seconds. Therefore, in order to make an impression and attract viewers' eyes, these dances must be trendy, popular, or unique and match vibrant and catchy music.

Nhu Quynh said: “Usually, trending TikTok dance courses give young people many new experiences. However, for me personally, in order for the choice and passion of young people to be more methodically invested and at the same time bring more benefits, I have combined TikTok dances with some dances that catch up with another trend into hot dance. This is a place where young people can both practice dances that are in line with the trends, while also honing their choreography skills, expressive abilities as well as how to express body language through movements."

 Hot dance class attracting young people

Therefore, instead of the usual TikTok dances of 15-20 seconds, Nhu Quynh created more dance moves to perfect the songs that are currently popular, such as the song "Bo Xi Bo" by the female singer Hoang Thuy Linh and Made You Look by Meghan Trainor. And before that, there were songs, such as Daddy Yankee's Boom Boom and Blackpink's mashups of songs, etc.

Skills training

Along with trending songs and choreography, young people also have the chance to practice many skills when this class combines flexible TikTok choreography with other dance genres such as jazz, funk, and hip-hop.

Bao Han shared, "My wish is to become a dancer, so taking a hot dance class is a reasonable choice because I can constantly update the trending songs and choreography while learning more genres and honing my dance skills. During my studies, I was able to build a TikTok channel to both motivate myself and add joy to my passion for dancing.

Normally, TikTok choreography has many advantages, such as fast, beautiful, and decisive movements that attract viewers' eyes. However, that also becomes a limitation when the duration and content of TikTok dance have no depth, and are only temporary entertainment, and often cool down after only a short time.

“Therefore, in the long run, it is not temporary entertainment, but the basic foundation of choreography, the ability to learn, and at the same time, forging skills as well as creativity are the way to go for those who love to dance. This is also a way to practice patience, hard work, and overcoming difficulties for young people, giving them a good foundation to promote their strengths and personalities in this subject," Quynh said.

Having been with the dance class for nearly a year now, Uyen Phuong shared, “I've been learning to dance for a long time, but I still realize the complexity and difficulty are higher in hot dance class. Usually, TikTok clips are very short and moves are easy to learn, but when combining many moves into a complete song, the complexity and skill requirements also increase. This is also my goal because I want to have a good skill foundation, and when I have a good foundation, the ability to create choreography and express myself in many different dance genres is not far away. At that time, maybe I was the one who created trending dance moves."

Story: MAI HUE – Photos: MAI HUE and guests
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