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Hue Lotus Tourism Development Project wins the first prize in the Women's Start-up competition

TTH.VN - Passing the final round of the competition on June 13, the idea of Hue Lotus Tourism Development Project excellently wins the first prize in the first "Women Startup" contest, 2019.

First celebration of women startup day

Awarding prizes to winning projects and ideas

Participating in the 1st "Women Startup" contest in 2019 has been 40 projects and ideas. After the preliminary and semi-final rounds, the organizing board selected 21 ideas and projects for the next round and continued to select 14 ideas and projects to present at the final round of the contest.

The results are as follows: the first prize belonged to the Hue Lotus Tourism Development Project, the second prizes belonged to three projects including: Nam Dong orange planting group; Production of natural lipstick and Life skills education service in technology 4.0 era. In addition, the organizing board also awarded 4 third prizes and 6 other consolation prizes.

Ms. Tran Thi Kim Loan, Chairwoman of the Provincial Women's Union said that the "Women Startup" contest was organized to concretize the plan to implement the project of supporting women to startup in the period of 2017-2025 of the Provincial People's Committee. The contest not only achieved the initial goal of connecting orientation and cultivating project ideas, but also spread the spirit of innovative and creative startup in the community. Many project ideas were successful in connecting and obtaining real products, thus, creating jobs to increase the income of women members and improve their lives.

By Hai Thuan

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