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Hue University: Towards a smart university model

TTH.VN - On the way to develop into a national university, Hue University has made drastic changes in training, research, and university administration, etc. Fortunately, the strict implementation of digital transformation, heading towards a smart university model at Hue University, marks a bright spot.

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Standing Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Thanh Binh (on the right) presenting flowers to congratulate Hue University's achievements

Achievements from digital transformation

Along with many distinguished guests from high schools at the studios of University of Pedagogy, Hue University, many teachers and I were really impressed with the enrollment counseling programs or the program “Accompanying students in Online Education”. Plenty of valuable experience is conveyed online, under the form of well-organized scripts and with the help of modern machinery and equipment.

Over the phone, Ms. Au Tuyet Trang, a teacher at Pham Hong Thai Primary School (located in District 5, Ho Chi Minh City) also did not regret her praises: “This approach has effectively solved many teachers' difficulties in the context of the pandemic.”

Higher education has just undergone a great challenge due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it is also from this “obstacle” that Hue University has proven its digital transformation achievements, especially when training scientific research, international cooperation, and other aspects are appropriately digitized, bringing positive results.

Experts visiting the Industry 4.0 management system using IoT technology at Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Hue University

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Anh Phuong, President of Hue University, said that the application of information technology, the first step of digital transformation, was implemented at Hue University nearly 20 years ago, and some examples of which included e-learning system, digital learning materials, online training, information management system, etc.

However, at that time, the systems, platforms, and data were still discrete, uncentralized and disconnected throughout the member universities of Hue University. It was not until the occurrence of COVID-19 pandemic that the need for digital transformation became urgent.

To meet the actual needs, Hue University has accelerated administration activities through the online networking sites, with the enforcement of guidelines, processes and regulations on online organization of teaching, learning, thesis and dissertation defense, meeting activities, using digital and electronic signatures, etc.

This approach has been welcomed with many positive reviews about the smart university model that is gradually taking shape, with the goal of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of administration, improving the quality of training, and serving the development.

Not only applying information technology to digital transformation, Hue University has developed a long-term plan, in which priority is given to training information technology human resources for digital transformation; building programs and models of association and cooperation in training high-quality human resources for digital transformation, providing 3,000 to 5,000 graduates of information technology annually to serve the development of a digital economy and a digital society.

Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Hue University applying digital transformation model in training

Regarding how Hue University operates today, it can be seen that the higher education institution in the ancient capital has integrated and made the most of the value of big data collected in the education sector seamlessly, as well as dig deep into where the data comes from and what benefits it can bring, thereby improving their curricula and management processes.

One of the joys is that the core activities such as maintaining adapted training activities to serve the needs of both face-to-face and online learners by compiling lectures and materials, building shared data, guaranteeing facilities and transmission lines, building the team with technological competence, constructing data for scientific research, etc., are effectively done.

From those data platforms, the management and administration of the entire Hue University system is easier, and data analysis has also supported decision-making in operations.

Heading towards a smart university

It is difficult to mention all the achievements of Hue University throughout over 65 years of its construction and development. However, it can be seen that each stage is associated with different achievements, and in this digital context, Hue University is doing well with its goals of heading towards a smart university and turning an educational institution in the land of the ancient capital city into a National University.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Anh Phuong affirmed that Hue University's vision defined in its development strategy is heading towards a multidisciplinary, multi-field, pioneering and key research university system of Vietnam's higher education system and 1st ranking of Asia, as well as reaching Group 500 globally by 2045.

On the basis of multi-disciplinary and multi-field strengths, a highly qualified team of the 3rd ranking throughout the country, Hue University proves to be adaptable to the development of social and international trends. In the process of innovation, Hue University identifies digital transformation as an important factor in supporting that rapid change process.

Hue University has been focusing on 5 groups of issues, including building and implementing the Administration model in educational and training institutions; continuing educating and training managers and teachers in general education institutions (including preschool, general education and higher education) and knowledge about digital transformation.

In addition, Hue University also promotes data digitization, including digitizing learning resources for education and training, as well as data in educational management at all levels. Building an information technology foundation system for management and training has become an urgent issue for all education and training institutions.

The digital transformation process requires synchronous development of technology, finance and human resources. However, Hue University always identifies the human factor as the top priority, especially raising awareness about the importance of technology and digital transformation in education. That process is not merely the use of some technology as a medium but can be the factors that change the teaching process, creating a modern ecosystem.

The good news right before the new year 2023 is that Hue University will establish the Institute of Digital Transformation and Learning Materials, Hue University. This unit will perform the function of consulting, researching, implementing and applying information technology and digital transformation to all Hue University activities, including research and application of artificial intelligence, into the fields of medicine, biology and digital transformation in different specific fields, aiming at nearly 50,000 pupils, students, M.A and PhD students. All these effective solutions will greatly help the university to become a smart university.

Story and photos: Huu Phuc

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