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Loving the kitchen and being addicted to the house

TTH.VN - Not stopping at a trend to live a virtual life on the internet, those habits such as loving kitchen, being addicted to the house, being addicted to decoration and being addicted to new lifestyles bring young people a positive lifestyle in this modern and pandemic time which requires the limitation of going outside.

Cooking with heartChildren enjoying kitchen experience

Young people joining groups with the same decorating hobby

From surfing the Internet to applying at home

Being a social butterfly, an avid traveler and also addicted to coffee shops, but since the stressful day of the COVID-19 pandemic, Yen - my best friend has stayed at home. After three months of not seeing each other, she suddenly sent me virtual living photos with a very cozy chill corner and a message: "Staying at home will not be boring, if you know how to change your living space into beautiful corners to take a rest and relax with the family”.

The new space my friend created was really surprising. From ordinary wooden beds or cabinets, Yen replaced them with beds and tables assembled from wooden pallets, evoking nostalgic feelings for the room, and at the same time using more items made from sedge, rattan and bamboo to create the highlight for the space with vintage style.

In the living room, she also added some items bought online such as turntables, wind chimes, brocade carpets, etc.

Not only with my friend, a change in life has become a trend during the pandemic season. From the "surfing" of social networks, young people have brought pretty good trends to apply at home. Saving a small amount of money every day, many young people have used their save to buy trees, decorative items, etc. Gradually, the corners of the house, bedroom, terrace, or gardens are decorated better than a coffee shop.

Decorating a beautiful corner of the house is a hobby of young people

Nguyen Thi Tuong Vy, a 9X girl who often catches new trends, said that through social networks, she also found it easy to "pocket" the decor experience in the pandemic season. There are many ways to decorate a chill bedroom by using wooden materials, wallpaper, led lights, paintings or many accessories.

“I like beautiful bedrooms with decorative pillows. Arranging decorative pillows that are both lovely and soft to match the room; and, a soft bed will bring me a wonderful and relaxing feeling,” shared Tuong Vy.

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned all activities of social life upside down, but by finding ways to adapt and grasp the trend of the 4.0 era, many young people have found benefits from social networks. Find groups that love the kitchen, that are addicted to home, addicted to decoration, and related groups, young people learn from the good experiences of their predecessors to change the joy of going out by staying at home, even being addicted at staying home.

Cooking and loving the kitchen, kitchen addiction are also one of the new habits that influence trends on social networks. With the recipes in groups and fanpage on Facebook, many young people and students want to have a shot at. What makes them love it is finding useful sharing information on how to prepare ingredients of strange dishes from the south to the north, or dishes from many Asian and European countries with many ways of handling, eye-catching processing to show off to friends.

"A funny joke is that "Miss Covid" has changed me, because I used to enjoy street games, since entering the kitchen, I know how to cook many new dishes, and make meals for the family by myself. Never before has it been so close to feeling happiness from simple things,” shared Minh Hieu, a youngster in Hue.

At the two ends of the country or in the ancient capital, the trend of loving the kitchen, addicted to home, and addicted to decor is not just a hobby for girls. Many groups with thousands, tens of thousands of members, have a large number of male members. And, they also become super chefs and architects at home when sharing delicious recipes or decorating and beautifying homes as economically as women.

Thanh Trung, a youngster in Hue city said that while going out and going to amusement parks cannot be continued because of the pandemic, joining groups with similar interests and passions has become a form of entertainment. Importantly, this entertainment is very active.

Being addicted but not afraid

Young people are still joking with the saying: "Addictive but afraid". That's because many people often say, too much of anything is not good, because the constant repetition of a behavior despite the consequences is not encouraged. But, with "addiction" things that bring values ​​and benefits to yourself, your family and the community, addiction is acceptable.

Cooking to show off your cooking skills is a trend of many young people during the pandemic season

Recently, there have been new trends on social networks with related groups, of which CODE addiction is one of them. Simply put, it's a community of enthusiasts who turn confusing numbers and algorithms into useful chains to serve IT and technology lovers.

From such communities, young people not only show off their achievements in making the impossible possible, but also exchange experiences, learn, share news, tips, etc.

Social media groups are created for each field, passion and interest. Actively joining groups such as kitchen addiction, home addiction, decor addiction, book addiction, gym addiction, etc., mainly to exchange, share and capture more experiences, which are a positive factor for self-development, suitable for the context of the pandemic in which all associations and groups take advantage of online channels to meet.

It's okay to indulge in activities that are rewarding and meaningful. As young people often joke: "Addiction that brings value to you, to others, why not be addicted".

Story: Huu Phuc.  Photos: Facebook Group Nha Cua Tui


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