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Meet the highest-scores university-entrance examinee of Hue University in 2023

TTH.VN - With 29.55 points, Tran Nguyen Thien Thu was admitted to the Faculty of Medicine, University of Medicine and Pharmacy. She is also the highest-scores university-entrance examinee of Hue University this year.

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Highest-scores university-entrance examinee of Hue University in 2023 - Tran Nguyen Thien Thu 

The achievements of hard work

Born and raised in Da Nang City, Thien Thu is a student majoring in Chemistry at Phan Chau Trinh High School, Da Nang, academic years 2020 - 2023. Studying well, being friendly and cheerful, Thu has much love from her friends and is trusted by her teachers. She also often participates in many excellent student competitions; most notably was the first prize in the city-level Excellent Student Competition in Chemistry during her 12th grade.

At the 2023 National High School Graduation Exam, Thien Thu achieved a score of 29.55 with 3 subjects of combination B; among them, Biology achieved 10/10 points.

By receiving the advice from teachers, parents and her own research, Thien Thu chose to apply for admission to the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Hue University. With the achieved score, being admitted to the university is something that Thien Thu and her family predicted in advance. However, when receiving the news that she was the highest-scores university-entrance examinee of her school and Hue University in 2023, she was completely surprised and indescribably happy.

As Thu shared, she always put a lot of pressure on herself so that she can always be in a state of trying her best. Sometimes, when she encountered overwhelming math problems, theoretic knowledge that she couldn’t remember or her test scores gradually decreased, etc., then her worries increased, the pressure became even greater; however, those things made she work harder.

“The first thing is to always work hard. However, it does not mean being absorbed in studying, or forcing yourself to study for many hours a day. The most important thing is to find a reason and interest to learn. The next thing is to be confident and know where you are and how great your abilities are, … so that you can find the right direction for yourself. Finally, to show your ability as much as possible in the exam that determines the result, you must be mentally comfortable when taking the exam," Thien Thu shared.

Along with that, the highest-scores university-entrance examinee of Hue University shared that we need more luck to find a teacher who has teaching methods that suit us. When the teacher helps you, the training process will be more effective, and you can achieve good results.

To be a useful person for society

The motivation for Thien Thu to decide to study Medicine is the desire to be able in using her abilities to help others.

“Being a doctor is my childhood dream. Once visiting relatives in the hospital, I saw many people being hospitalized. They were in pain from wounds, stitches, and radiation treatments; or many children, who should always be smiling and playing with their friends, have to be hospitalized due to terrible diseases. Meanwhile, the doctors and nurses were rushing and rushing after the groans of the patients, etc. Witnessing that made me even more determined to learn. Maybe I won't be able to change many things in this life by myself, but I believe that each person is like a brick, when there are many bricks, it will build a solid house," Thien Thu confided.

Thien Thu's most important goal while studying at Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy is to try her best to study well, to continues to practice her personality, improve herself, and study hard her majors to become a good doctor in the future.

On the day of admission at Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Thu's parents could not hide their joy when they knew that their child passed as highest-scores university-entrance examinee. Everyone in the family was happy and proud of her. According to Thu's parents, this is a new beginning and they always remind Thu that, when studying medicine, in the future, when she is to cure patients and save people, she must first perfect her personality and self-improve medical ethics.

The future is opening up for Tran Nguyen Thien Thu. Hopes that Thu will soon become a good doctor, always loving and helping many patients as she wishes.

Story and photo: Duc Quang
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