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Young Poetry and Creative Summer Camps

TTH.VN - With the aim of creating an extracurricular playground for students, the Sciences High School for the Gifted (University of Science, Hue University) collaborates with the Young Poetry Club to organize creative summer camp for 10th and 11th-grade students.

At the end of the river"Than Kinh Nhi Thap Canh" through the Inherited Calligraphy of Taiwan (China)“Perfume River - A River of Poetry” event launchedContinuing the flow of Zen poetryPerforming recitation of Zen poetry

"The distinctive feature of the creative camp is to explore skills and knowledge related to the humanities and social sciences," shared Phan Thi Hong Phuc, head of the Young Poetry Club.

 Students exchanging with speakers on the topic of Basic Design

Since 2022, with the goal of creating a valuable extracurricular playground, a skill-building course, and a memorable experience for high school students specializing in the sciences, the first creative summer camp related to cinema was organized. Its purpose was to guide young people on how to create and experience making a complete short film.

After two days and one night of both learning and having fun at the school, the camp was successful and well-received by students, parents, and teachers. Building on that success, in 2023, Young Poetry Club brought the "Semester 0 - EZ Study" summer camp to answer young people's questions about how to open the right doors to enter a new phase of learning, creativity, and self-expression.

According to the new textbooks and curriculum, the school's teachers have observed a noticeable gap in students, as it takes some time for them to adapt and shift between the old and new learning methods.

With three main topics: "Creative memorization methods with images - Sketch Note," "Art of presentation through story - Story Telling," and "Fundamental design steps - Basic Design," the participants of the "Semester 0 - EZ Study" summer camp engaged in a "learn while doing" approach, acquiring essential knowledge for the new curriculum standards.

The camp included discussions about challenges and questions related to learning. Camp activities also helped the gifted school students create exciting memories to make their summer more vibrant.

After more than a month of implementation, including one round of online application submissions and one round of in-person interviews, 20 camp participants were selected, and the summer camp took place on August 19th and 20th. Two experienced speakers, Mr. Nguyen Thieu Tuan Long - lecturer in Sociology at Hue University of Sciences, and Mr. Tran Hoang Quan - graphic design specialist at OHI Online Company, also joined the camp.

Over the course of two days and one night, the camp participants engaged in group activities, on-site learning and practice, as well as exchanged and shared experiences with instructors and senior students regarding the challenges in their studies. These were all valuable experiences for the students. Upon completing the summer camp, the participants will receive a certificate issued by the school along with commemorative gifts from the Young Poetry Club.

Le Quy Tan Duy, a 10th-grade student specializing in Chemistry, who was a newcomer to the high school environment, shared that "Semester 0" provided him with valuable knowledge and skills through various topics. It gave him the opportunity to experience teamwork with unfamiliar team members. It was both a personal challenge and a chance to connect with students from other classes and seniors before the new academic year.

The summer camp left a deep impression on Duy and his fellow participants with the authentic experiences shared by the speakers. These experiences helped them develop in a positive direction and establish better connections with others. This is what makes Duy affirm that he will continue to participate in the summer camp organized by the Young Poetry Club next year.

Ms. Pham Phu Uyen Chau, an advisor to the Young Poetry Club, stated: "Every year, we select a theme that suits the needs and abilities of students to attract camp participants. Last year, the Film Summer Camp not only helped the students understand and practice the process of making a film but also enhanced their ability to evaluate and appreciate the art of cinema. This year, Semester 0 provides the ability to remember information, design, and express one's ideas. The knowledge that the students gain after the summer camp is not only applicable to their studies but also enriches and diversifies their future experiences in life."

Story and photo: Phong Giang
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