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“Happiness and Wealth”

TTH.VN - On the afternoon of September 6, the French Institute in Hue and the Cooperation Committee for Research in Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Education, Hue University organized a scientific conference with the theme "Happiness and Wealth".

Talking about circular economyDescendant of Emperor Ham Nghi talking with students in Hue

 Prof. Dominique Méda sharing information at the conference

The content of the conference was presented by Prof. Dominique Méda, Director of the Interdisciplinary Institute of Research in Social Sciences (IRISSO), President of the Veblen Institute, and a Professor of Sociology at Paris Dauphine University - PSL.

Prof. Dominique Méda is the author of about twenty publications, alone or in collaboration with other authors, specializing in the topics of labor, employment, social policy and ecological regeneration.

Nowadays, every country wants to increase their national income per capita. Many people believe that when there is an increase in per capita income, the happiness index will rise. National income and gross domestic product quickly come to be seen as symbols and equivalents of happiness and progress.

According to Prof. Dominique Méda, these concepts have been criticized. Gross domestic product per capita considers the production of wealth and services as the major criteria of happiness, but they just miss many other aspects of happiness; in particular, the overemphasis on income affects natural heritage, the earth and social cohesion.

Thus, Prof. Dominique Méda believes that it is time for us to change the indicators. It is not necessary to achieve high income by any means, but there should be a balance between development and protection of nature and source of life...

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Bring back the smiles

Everyone wishes for their child to be born healthy and adorable like any other child. However, there are still unfortunate cases of congenital defects. And then, the "angelic" hands, as if by magic, bring back smiles to the faces of these children, for their families, and for society as a whole.

Bring back the smiles
What the future is for us?

Ms. Julie Lardon, a journalist and also a writer, in collaboration with Hue French Institute and Kim Dong Publishing House, organized the workshop themed “Quel Avenir Pour Nous?” (What future is for us?) in Hue.

What the future is for us
Exhibition of 43 new works of art students

Organized by the French Institute in Hue in collaboration with the Faculty of Visual Arts, College of Arts, Hue University, an art exhibition named "Flow" opened on the afternoon of March 15 at the French Institute in Hue.

Exhibition of 43 new works of art students
Bustling Tet atmosphere

After the whole year of hard work, no matter how busy they are, as the last days of the old year are gradually passing, everyone just wants to prepare the most "Spring" things to make Tet at their home full and fresh, like the wishing for a new year full of joy and happiness.

Bustling Tet atmosphere
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