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More than 270 species of butterflies in three special-use forests in Hue

TTH.VN - 272 species of butterflies belonging to five families are recorded in Bach Ma National Park, Phong Dien Nature Reserve, and Sao La Nature Reserve.

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This information was presented at the conference on checking and taking over the results of implementation of scientific project at provincial level, which was held on December 24 at the Provincial Department of Science and Technology. Accordingly, the topic on "Studying the characteristics of the species of butterflies in Thua Thien Hue province and developing breeding and raising procedures" has been carried out at Vietnam Nature Museum, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology.

The members implementing the project also described some biological and ecological data on 19 species of butterflies bred and raised in Thua Thien Hue, as well as the complete breeding and raising (from egg to maturity) of ten species of butterflies and the development of breeding and raising procedures for the butterflies.


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Love of forest birds

Birds in the wild enjoy parental or spousal love just as many other wild animals do. Baby birds find it hard to exist without the protection from their parents. The mother birds cry so tragically when they lose their babies.

Love of forest birds
A look at rare and precious species in Bach Ma National Park

Bach Ma National Park was approved to establish by the Government in 1991, with an area of ​​22,031 hectares and a buffer zone of 21,300 hectares, with a diverse and rich ecosystem. In which, Insects has 894 species, 580 varieties, 125 families, and 17 branches; Fish has 57 species, 48 ​​ varieties, 17 families, and 6 branches; Amphibian has 21 species, 7 varieties, 5 families, and 1 branch; Reptile-Amphibian has 31 species, 24 varieties, 10 families, and 2 branches; Bird has 358 species, 186 varieties, 55 families, and 15 branches; Mammal has 132 species, 72 varieties, 28 families, and 10 branches. Among them, there are many rare and precious species such as Pygathrix nemaeus, Truong Son muntjak (Caninmuntiacus truongsonensis), Takydromus sexlineatus, and rare and precious birds, etc.

A look at rare and precious species in Bach Ma National Park
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