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New Year's Eve with many emotions

TTH.VN - New Year's Eve, the moment of transition between the old year and the new, always evokes a multitude of emotions for everyone. Numerous traditional cultural activities and festivities take place everywhere, bringing the vibrant atmosphere of Tet and the arrival of spring.

High altitude fireworks to be fired at 3 locations to welcome Lunar New Year 2024, the Year of DragonFlowers on Tet holidayBrilliant Dragon Spring Festival

 Noon Gate sparkles brightly on New Year's Eve

This year, the heavens and the earth bestowed upon the people of the Imperial City a New Year's Eve with cold weather and drizzling spring rain. At Noon Gate Square, thousands of locals and tourists gathered to watch the spectacular artistic performances and fireworks welcoming the new year with hopes for all things good and splendid.

The "Welcome Spring 2024" artistic program was organized by Hue Monuments Conservation Center and Hue Royal Traditional Arts Theater.

At 10:10 PM, the "Welcome Spring 2024" program commenced with the song "Mot vong Viet Nam" as a greeting to the new spring. The performance, meticulously staged with a blend of poetry and modernity, brought various emotions to the audience.

 All performances in the program carry the essence of spring

The program featured 16 music and dance performances, with most of them echoing the spirit of spring. These included songs like Nhung ngay xuan ruc ro (Radiant Spring Days), Hoa co mua xuan (Spring Flowers and Grass), Mua xuan tren que huong (Spring in the Homeland), Mua xuan goi (Calling of Spring), Hue thanh pho mua xuan (Hue City in Spring), Mua xuan dau tien (First Spring) ...

 Dazzling fireworks illuminate the Ky Dai (flag pole) Square

Interwoven within the program was a low-altitude fireworks display bidding farewell to 2023 with many hopes for renewed development in the homeland and prosperity and integration for the nation.

Mr. Hoang Viet Trung, Director of Hue Monuments Conservation Center, in charge of directing the program, expressed: ‘Despite the nation's long journey, Hue still maintains its traditional beauty while embracing and integrating with the new aspects of today. The "Welcome Spring" program is a harmonious blend of an ancient capital's deep essence yet still portrays modernity. It also serves as an artistic playground for young artists, expressing the aspiration for the development and progress of Thua Thien Hue’.

The most anticipated highlight of the New Year's Eve of the Year of the Dragon 2024 was the fireworks display at Ky Dai Square. At the sacred moment of transition between the old and new year, the fireworks welcoming the new year lasted for 15 minutes and attracted the keen attention of everyone. Each burst of fireworks, accompanied by loud cheers and applause, was captured by many locals and tourists through photographs, videos, and live streams, to remember the moment and trust in the new year's success.

 Foreign tourists enjoy watching the New Year's Eve program

The moment of awaiting the transition between the old and new year is even more meaningful for each individual. In those moments, amidst the earth and heaven, amidst one's heart, one can hear the resounding love for life, for people, and exchange the most beautiful wishes.

The special artistic program "Welcome Spring" and the fireworks display celebrating the Year of the Dragon 2024 brought the people and tourists a New Year's Eve filled with exuberance, vibrancy, and uniqueness.

 Welcome to the New Spring of 2024

A new spring has arrived with the land and heaven, bringing overflowing faith in the new day...

By Lien Minh
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