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Podcast - the “internet radio” trend of the young

TTH.VN - Considered as “Modern-day radio”, podcast is becoming a growing trend in accessing information, and is increasingly welcomed by the young.

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Podcast as a new, modern medium to impart information


In general terms, podcast is an audio program which consumers can listen to on applications as well as subscribe and download to mobile, laptop, and other devices.

Similar to broadcasting, podcast is a radio program about a certain topic including a series of episodes released continually and periodically. Podcast is created by individuals (or groups) and its episodes are uploaded on the internet; audience can listen to them via applications such as iTunes and Spotify or via smartphone devices.

Over the past few years, podcast listenership has seen increasing popularity. The growth could be attributed to the fact that many people, especially young ones, spend a vast majority of their time on studying and working; as a result, they do not have much spare time to access or absorb useful and in-depth information. 

Likened to a “symphony”, podcast is diverse in contents and categories ranging from society and culture, lifestyle, economics to education through fascinating topics of interest such as start-up, sex education, Q and A on adolescence, etc. This has made podcast become closer to the young generation and easily receive their understanding.

Users can choose any podcast with content meeting individual needs

With a smartphone connected to the internet, users can easily search, install and listen to podcast every day. It allows people to work and listen for pleasure simultaneously. Without images and videos, podcast with mere audio is a way to impart useful information when one’s mind is not occupied while they are busy doing something else.

Nguyen Ky Hieu Linh (24 years old, Hue City) shared: “I happened to know about podcast through social web media. At that time, I came across a rather impressive podcast passage sharing one’s life through the story called ‘Grown-ups feel…old’ of “Giang oi Radio” posted of Facebook.

“The host has an appealing and candid way of telling stories that I feel like I was having a confidant to talk to. It prompted me to find out more about podcast, about stories of famous people; and consider it as a companion to wherever and whenever I go.” 

Useful and Enjoyable

After a long hard day working or studying, people may not want to keep staring at a laptop or smartphone screen. Podcast is an easy and convenient way for the users to access information without being exposed too much to electronic devices. Podcast meets the needs of the users, letting them listen and drive at the same time, or do house chores, or simply relax, entertain, etc.

“Given the complicated situation of COVID-19 pandemic, I have been working from home for nearly two months. The increasing exposure to laptop and smartphone could cause eyestrain, stress and exhaustion. Podcast is my ‘saviour’ that helps my eyes rest and allows me to access useful information in my leisure time,” Hieu Linh shared. 

The variety and diversity of podcast contents with engaging and interesting topics about everyday life allow listeners to choose whichever suits their need. Through storytelling or conversations with guest speakers discussing a specific topic, the listeners could easily catch up with the information.

In Vietnam, popular podcasts such as Humans of Vietnam, Tram Dung Cam Xuc (Emotion Station), Tam Ly Oi (Hey Mentality), Oddly Normal, etc., with their sincere, simple, and engaging storytelling style have brought enjoyable experience, new perspectives and positive lifestyle to listeners.

Besides, podcast also meets audience’s educational needs like building English vocabulary and grammar thanks to channels on education and studying.

Ngo An Nhien, (25 years old, Hue City) shared: “I often listen to channels by foreign podcasters because I can learn from their interesting stories as well as enhance my English knowledge, which help me improve my listening and pronunciation skills.   

Podcast is still a new name on digital platform. However, with its strong growth and great potential, in the near future this type of “internet radio” promises to gain more popularity among young people as well as meets the need and taste of people of different ages.  

Story and photo: Bach Chau

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