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Story of royal lotus

TTH.VN - Aside from the economic value offered, the fruitful propagation of royal lotus is also the story relevant to many community values...

Hue White lotus is “revived” in Tinh Tam LakeGentle beauty of lotus in summerThe lotus season

Mrs. Hue's joy at the sight of white royal lotuses blossoming en masse in the lake

Revival after decades of hiatus

In 2019, Hue Viet Organic One Member Company, Ltd (Hue Viet Organic) embarked on the research and experimental planting of some white lotus varieties of Hue at Ha Tri Lake in Phuoc Tich ancient village (Phong Dien).

Afterwards, in 2020, with the approval of the levels and sectors, Hue Viet Organic continued to successfully plant the white lotus variety also in Ha Tri Lake. This variety was previously grown in the Royal Palace and researched, restored, preserved in limited quantities by the Hue Monuments Conservation Center for 8 years.

“After Hue Monuments Conservation Center transferred 200 seedlings, we successfully propagated 600 plants. Mastering the process, after a period of continued implementation, we propagated a quantity of royal white lotuses up to thousands of plants," said Ms. Nguyen Thi Hue, Director of Hue Viet Organic One Member Company, Ltd.

To propagate the well-known lotus variety of Hue, it is not simple to put the plant in the lake. Before that, the duckweed, garbage must be treated; the lake must be cleaned, fertilized and disinfected in accordance with the company's organic process. At the time of harvest, instead of totally taking all the flowers, seeds and tubers like the common high-yielding lotus varieties, when finishing the harvest, people retain tubers. Afterwards, the leaves are cut off, and the lake is cleaned in order that the tubers cannot lose strength, and the lotuses will be healthy and lush.

The propagation of the royal white lotus in large quantities proved fruitful. Apart from providing back Hue Monuments Conservation Center with a large quantity of seedlings, in January 2021, with the consent of Hue Monuments Conservation Center, Hue Viet Organic One Member Company, Ltd planted 2,000 seedlings in Tinh Tam Lake and then ahead of Kỳ đài Huế (Hue Flag Pole Platform).

“Growing lotus in Tinh Tam Lake is complicated and much more difficult than in Ha Tri Lake or Hue Flag Pole Platform because the pollution here is heavier. Despite the previous support from the provincial authorities and Hue Monuments Conservation Center in salvaging and treating a lot of trash duckweed, upon starting to plant, we not only strictly followed the organic process but also transplanted thousands of micro organic tablets to treat the bottom layer and reduce pollution. Concurrently, tens of tons of duckweed in the lake continue to be treated," said Ms. Hue.

God did not let humans down. In April 2021, Tinh Tam Lake seemed to be carpeted with the pure white of flowers, the gentle green of leaves and the pure delicate aroma of the white lotus typical of Hue after decades of hiatus.

The fruitful propagation of royal lotus also generates jobs for residents around the area

Brand elevated

Also at the time of planting lotus at Tinh Tam Lake, Hue Viet Organic was "ordered" by the Provincial People's Committee through the project "Application of science and technology to lotus production in Thua Thien Hue in conformity with the link chain”. This is an opportunity for businesses to research and produce lotus products, especially Hue's ancient lotus varieties in order to have more high-quality products, contribute to promoting and raising the value of products from the lotus of Hue.

Tinh Tam Lake, where 8,000 soldiers formerly joined in reclamation, has a layer of sand at the bottom, a layer of mud in the middle and a layer of young mud on the upper layer. Perhaps, with such a special structure, when planted, lotuses grow very well; flowers have a gentle fragrance. Lotus seeds and tubers are soft, fragrant, and flexible; whether fresh or dried, eaten directly or through processing, the quality is far superior to those in other places.

From the restoration and propagation of the royal lotus variety, Hue Viet Organic has launched many quality products of high economic value such as lotus flower tea, Royal White Lotus-branded dried lotus seeds and herbal lotus tea. Among them, the herbal lotus tea is a blend of lotus core, leaf and tuber in accordance with the recipe by culinary artisan Mai Thi Tra, which helps to sleep well and lose weight quite effectively.

Lotus seeds, lotus flower tea, Tinh Tam dried lotus seeds of Hue Viet Organic are considered to be more flexible, friable and fragrant than other types of lotus seeds on the market, so despite the price 3-4 times higher, these products sell like hot cakes.

Lotus flower tea is mildly fragrant but long-lasting, helping to refresh the spirit. This product is both the popular line and the high-end gift segment favored in the national market.

After many orders from the neighboring provinces and cities, recently, a company in Hanoi has suggested consuming all products from Hue lotus but bearing the company's brand market when they are put on the market. Facing this proposal, Hue Viet Organic refused in spite of the fact that ensuring output is always the great desire of every business.

“Successful propagation of the royal lotus in Ha Tri and the area ahead of Hue Flag Pole Platform and Tinh Tam Lake is not only the issue of economic value to the business but also the story relevant to many community values because it creates jobs for the residents around the lotus growing area and minimizes littering in the lake. Simultaneously, it adds a highlight in tourism and culture of historical value, contributing to elevating Hue lotus brand in general and Tinh Tam Lake lotus in particular to a new height. For this reason, we do not accept your company's proposal," said Ms. Hue.

The unseasonal rain in late March inflicted damage on nearly 10 hectares of white lotus at Tinh Tam Lake and the area ahead of Flag Pole Platform. Next May, Hue Viet Organic will start to replant white lotus at these two sites.

Story: HAN DANG – Photos provided by the character in the story

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