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Sublimation with musical yoga

TTH.VN - Movement, breath, heart and music are all that is needed to participate in inside flow yoga, a new, music-blended yoga practice in Hue.

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Infusing the flow of vinyasa with music for the practitioner

A perfect combination

As the first yoga instructor in Hue to teach inside flow yoga, Ms. Phan Dieu Linh, coach of Linh Kha yoga, said that musical yoga is owned by the inside yoga system founded by instructor Young Ho Kim.

Having practiced many disciplines such as martial arts and sports, Master Kim has found and developed a love for yoga. After a long period of practice and contemplation, along with the passion for music, inside flow yoga was born and became a trend all over the world.

Inside flow yoga is a combination of vinyasa flow and music. Vinyasa (meaning the connection between movement and breath) forms a series of gentle transitions that match the rhythm of inhalation and exhalation, forming a connection between the breath and the mind.

“With its melody and rhythm, music promotes emotions and strongly influences the practitioner's ears, mind, and heart. This combination creates drastic results, which is a feeling of sublimity and happiness in the depths of each person's soul,” Ms. Linh said.

Inside flow yoga is encapsulated by four keywords: Movement, breath, heart and music. Because of that, an inside yoga class is only consisted of practice mats, people and sounds. There is no need for other equipment like balls or yoga bands.

In Hue, inside flow yoga is one of the new types of yoga. The participants should adhere to the standard inside flow sequence. Most of the lessons use pop songs, and at times modern rock music.

Ms. Linh analyzed: “In general, each song contains energy, positive messages about life, work, love… For example, Crazy in love or Run for your life”.

When the music started, Phan Dieu Linh was immersed in the yoga movements of the song Best of us. The strong, powerful, and vibrant vinyasa movements are amplified by catchy melodies. Each muscle mass, each movement of the feet and hands exudes strength and confidence. That is the "reincarnation" required in each inside flow yoga exercise.

Finding peace

While Best of us is the voice of someone who wants to express himself, Senorita is the mark of a graceful lady. The yogis’ movement sequence when transforming into the song becomes seductive, flexible and gorgeous.

Ms. Linh analyzed: “It is also a special feature of the inside flow. Each song is an equivalent exercise, representing a unified message. Practitioners "display" that message through body movements, but in the end, no one will be like anyone because each person has a unique character. It is also the final destination that inside flow yoga, in particular, and yoga, in general, aim towards: confidence, bliss and peace in each soul”.

Finding confidence, bliss and peace of mind

Another feature of the inside flow yoga is the "flow" of body movement. Every person who practices inside yoga is like a dancer, wandering through his works. Each movement flows into the next without interruption. The end of this movement will be the opening of the next movement. The smooth, harmonious and flexible transitions occur from the beginning to the end of the "dance".

This type of yoga is not fussy about the age or gender, but will be difficult for beginners. In addition to muscle movements, muscle tightening, inside flow yoga also requires persistence and good control of body movements. Therefore, this yoga style will be very suitable for those who have practiced yoga before.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hieu, who has been practicing yoga for 2 years, shared: “Actually I feel great when it comes to yoga, my body is not only healthier but my spirit is also more optimistic and excited. Now having access to inside flow yoga, my emotions are really different and uplifting… ”.

Simple and delicate, in addition to the instruction in Hue, Ms. Linh also regularly teaches inside flow yoga in big cities and organizes online classes. She shared: “In Hue, the inside flow yoga has not been developed as well as in many places. However, with its unique features and achievements after each training session, it is believed that this type of yoga will soon create a new trend”.

No need for fancy costumes or fussy equipment, just an open space, a ready-to-practice body and music are sufficient for the movements of inside flow yoga. In addition to improving health and endurance, this type of yoga also influences the deepest emotions of the soul, directing the practitioner to a peaceful and free joy.

Story: Mai Hue - Photos: Provided by Interviewee

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