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The 7th Hue Thanh tra grapefruit Festival launched

TTH.VN - On the morning of September 2, the People’s Committee of Thuy Bieu Ward, Hue City organized the opening ceremony of the festival at 540 Bui Thi Xuan Street.

Offering thanh trà to the emperorsThuy Bieu’s thanh tra grapefruit gets VietGAP certificate

Leaders of the province and Hue City presenting flowers to celebrate Hue Thanh tra grapefruit Festival

In promoting the results of the last six terms of organization of the festival, Hue Thanh tra grapefruit Festival this year is taking place from September 1 to 4, with the theme "Thuy Bieu Thanh tra grapefruit – the Flavor of Hue". This is a cultural and economic event, aiming to affirm and honor the quintessential values ​​of the planting and caring for thanh tra grapefruit trees, which have been preserved by generations of Thuy Bieu locals in particular and Hue citizens in general.

Thanks to that, the fruit trees and traditional horticulture secrets have still been closely associated with the local community. Among the precious products is thanh tra grapefruit, which was recognized by the State as a trademark in 2007, set a National Record, and listed in the top 50 famous fruit specialties in Vietnam in 2016, based on the set of criteria for announcing the value of Vietnamese specialties.

Visitors posing for a photo next to a "tower of thanh tra grapefruits" at the festival

During the four days and nights of the festival, a variety of rich and diverse programs are held, in which there is a large gathering of more than 60 artisans and farmers from typical and famous traditional localities in the province, who have been keeping the soul and promoting the value ​​of Hue thanh tra grapefruit trees.

This is also an opportunity for Thuy Bieu Ward to introduce the depth of culture of the garden houses and the local potentials, as well as creating a chance for officials and the locals in the ward to share, exchange and promote trade to the residential community within the region, with domestic and foreign visitors.

After the opening ceremony, various meaningful programs and activities have been held, including folk games, Hue tasty fruit contest, the culinary contest themed "Family meals with ancient Hue traditions", and the culinary contest to prepare delicious dishes from thanh tra grapefruits, etc. On this occasion, the People's Committee of Thuy Bieu Ward has connected with travel agencies to organize sightseeing tours to visit thanh tra grapefruit garden houses, organize Trinh Cong Son music nights, and other art and cultural activities...

By Thanh Huong

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