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Ripening season of Thanh tra grapefruit

TTH.VN - Hue Thanh tra grapefruit is very distinctive and easy to identify compared to other products of the same type, such as its fruit shape, color, aroma and sweet, fragrant taste...

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Hue Thanh tra belongs to the grapefruit family, being grown in many places in the Ancient Capital. Specially, this plant is most commonly grown in riverside gardens in Thuy Bieu, Duong Hoa, Huong Van and Phong Thu… of which the most famous is Thuy Bieu Thanh tra, the ones that people here in the old days used to choose the biggest, roundest, firmest, and sweetest Thanh tra fruits to present to the king.

The weather is entering autumn. This is also the time when Thanh tra grapefruit in the gardens in Hue ripen beautifully. In this season, local people not only enjoy delicious, cheap, nutritious and safe dishes from this fruit, but also have their own specialties to offer friends and tourists from near and far. On this occasion, Thua Thien Hue Weekly invites readers to “welcome” Thanh tra grapefruit season in Hue through the photos of Mai Tuyet, the author.





 Thanh tra grapefruit of Hue
 Hue Thanh tra grapefruit, from the green garden to everyday life
 Offering sweet fruits
 Delicious dish with “Thanh tra grapefruit salad”
By Thua Thien Hue Weekly
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