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Voice of Ancient Capital

TTH.VN - Loving the gentle but profound accent of people in the ancient capital, a group of students from Hue University International School carry out an audiobook project read entirely in Hue accent. “Voice of Ancient Capital” is the gift that these young people want to present to local blind children as well as those all over the country.

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 Blind children are meeting with those who are carrying out the project “Voice of Ancient Capital.”

Visiting Educational and Vocational Center for Blind Children at 181/1 Phan Boi Chau Street (Truong An Ward, Hue City) many times, sympathizing with disadvantages they are suffering, the 2nd-year student at Hue University International School Le Thi Thu from Quang Nam Province wants to do something meaningful for the children there, and her idea of making audiobooks read in Hue accent was born. 

The group consists of 23 members all of whom are students from Hue University. Some are from Hue, but there are those from other regions too. But they all have something in common; they love Hue and chose Hue to study. 

According to Le Thi Thu, audiobooks have been so far familiar with many people, but most of them are recorded with Southern or Northern accents. The project “Voice of Ancient Capital” aims to make audiobooks read completely in Hue accent with the desire to spread Hue people’s voice across the country.

 Blind children at Educational and Vocational Center for Blind Children in an exchange activity by the project “Voice of Ancient Capital”

“Listening to audiobooks read in the local accent is certainly an interesting experience for blind children in Hue because they feel like listening to their grandmothers and mothers telling stories in cool summer nights on the porch.

To have budget for the project, Le Thi Thu, Huynh Thi Tuyet Trang (from Hue) and Nguyen An Thu (HCM) had to “knock on the doors” of many companies to ask for their support. Fortunately, their idea “moved” many entrepreneurs and individuals, and they agreed to sponsor.

“It is said what comes from the heart will touch the heart. As long as we open our hearts, the cool wind will come by itself. If you do something for the community, then the community will do something for you in return. On our journey of spreading love, I am really happy to have so many companions,” said An Thu.

Nguyen An Thu was born and raised in Ho Chi Minh City. After reading a series of articles about Hue dreams in the newspaper, she chose Hue to study despite the objection from her family. Her love for Hue urges An Thu to do something for the place where she spends her youth. All the members are good active students at Hue University International School.

“As a Hue native, I always cherish the desire to spread Hue accent to people all over the country. Hue accent is so sweet, moving and attractive. I think the project of bringing audiobooks read in Hue accent to visually impaired children is a novel and humane idea. I myself want to contribute my part to spreading the project to the community. Through the project, I hope not only children at the center but also many other people have a source for study and entertainment. They can also step into the cheerful and colorful world of children through audiobooks,” said Dang Thi Bich Tram (Hue), an excellent student at Hue University International School  and the “media ambassador” of the project.

With their love for Hue, many young people with good voice in Hue immediately agreed when asked to participate in the project. “A beautiful voice can erase any distances between regions. All the recorded voices are great. Though I’m from Hue, their voices still captivate me,” said Tuyet Trang.

Besides recording books chosen from the writing contest “Doa hoa Dong thoai,” the project “Voice of Ancient Capital” also aims at other books about Hue by Hue writers. In the journey of building a series of audiobooks read in Hue accent, the project also successfully organized the event “Loi cham sach” (“Touching Books”) on April 19th at the Educational and Vocational Center for Blind Children. In addition to gifts, the project also granted 11 scholarships to visually impaired children in difficulty at the center, worth VND700,000 each. 

Story and photos: LE HA
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