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Exploring Due Son

TTH.VN - Due Son, also known as Mount Le, Mount Re or Mount Ke, has a slightly pointed shape and beautiful form. The Eastern side of the mountain rests on Ta Trach Lake. The mountain is like a guardian god, standing at the upstream source of the Huong River, protecting the land where the Temple of Literature and the Temple of Martial Arts Saint are located.

Returning to Bach MaThe poetic Son RiverDiscovering nature

Mount Due, along with Mount Ngu Binh and Mount Kim Phung (Thuong Son) are considered the master mountains that gather energy of the spiritual veins of Hue. In the 17th year of Emperor Minh Mang's reign, the Nguyen Dynasty had a statue of Mount Due carved onto Tuyen Dinh (one of Cuu Dinh, or the Nine Dynastic Urns).

Surrounding the front and the back of Mount Due are Mount Chuoi, Mount Gay and Mount Kim Phung. This is the Western rear area of the Duong Hoa war zone. On the cliffs at the top of the mountain, traces of artillery shell holes still remain on the faces of large cliffs.

Thua Thien Hue Weekly would like to invite readers to visit Due Son through the photos of the photographer Ngoc Luc Bao. This is an ideal place to enjoy the panoramic view of Hue and to hunt clouds. From the top of the mountain, you can sweep over the vast land, with Ta Trach Lake, Binh Dien Lake, the Ta Trach source, Huu Trach source, and the Tuan junction, which is the confluence of the Huong River.

 Conquering the peak of Mount Due
 The architectural complex of Emperor Gia Long's tomb as seen from the top of Mount Due
 Going down the mountain
 Taking a break halfway up the mountain
 A guide whistling happily
 The protective forest milestone No. 154 at the top of the first mountain
 Mount Due as seen from the gate of Thoai Thanh tomb
 The image of the Due Son on Tuyen Dinh
​By Thua Thien Hue Weekly
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Son Xuyen Esplanade - The remaining mark

Few people know that within the premises of the Phuong Duc Primary School at 245 Bui Thi Xuan, Hue City, there exists the only remaining mountain and river deity worship place in the country today - the Son Xuyen Esplanade.

Son Xuyen Esplanade - The remaining mark
Soldiers posted in mountain village

The local officers -border guards posted in the mountain village - are those who stand shoulder to shoulder with and fully understand the people in A Luoi borderland (a district 70km from the southwest of Hue City), help the people develop economy and protect peace.

Soldiers posted in mountain village
A Luoi mountain and forest blurred in the mist

The primeval forests of A Roang Commune, A Luoi District (a mountainous district located in the southwest, 70 kilometers from Hue City) are located around 15 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh Road. It will take you about two hours to go deep inside these primeval forests.

A Luoi mountain and forest blurred in the mist
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