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Resow the green saplings

TTH.VN - The recent serious flood in mid-November caused significant damage to many vegetable-producing areas. Racing against the time, right after the water receded, local famers took advantage of dry days to quickly clean up the mud, join hands to rebuild their fields, trim and replant new vegetables to meet the agricultural schedule.

Benefits in the woodFarmers with love for organic vegetablesMany trains are stuck as several railway sections through Hue are floodedEveryone preventing and fighting back against floodsHuong River water exceeds 2022 flood peak

Through a series of photos captured by the photographer Thang Giang, Thua Thien Hue Weekly would like to invite you guys to “visit the fields” with local farmers in Thua Thien Hue, Huong Tra Town, and Quang Dien District, etc. The meteorological station forecasts the possibility of heavy rain in the coming days. However, making up their mind for not leaving fertile land and not give in to the harsh weather conditions, the resilient famers continue to stay on their fields, tirelessly resow the green seeds, fertilize for saplings with the hope that the alluvial soil after flood will “turn into green” in time for the Tet holiday.

 The region for growing vegetables in Quang Thanh – Quang Dien
Cabbage seeds in Huong Chu 
 Huong An vegetables

The green seeds in Huong Phong

“Revitalizing” Phu Mau flowers


 “Keeping life” for gladioluses in Huong Tra

By Thua Thien Hue Weekly
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Benefits in the wood

This season is when herbs are high in medicine and bees make honey. People in the highland of A Luoi then start their hard and dangerous trips looking for vegetables, mushrooms, honey, creek fishes, and so on.

Benefits in the wood
Farmers with love for organic vegetables

At the ward of Kim Long, a garden has become a gathering place for farmers who love organic farming. Farming together and giving each other instructions for how to grow and care for clean vegetables, they created Kim Long Community Garden (Hue city) as a destination for people to visit, purchase clean vegetables and learn about eco-friendly vegetable farming.

Farmers with love for organic vegetables
Spring buds

Different from other markets before Tet, when both traders and consumers were in a hurry all the time in the first markets of the new year, they become more leisurely and consider the purchase in harmony is a Spring bud to open an easy and smooth business for the whole year.

Spring buds
Harvesting vegetables at night

With the vegetable growers, taking care and harvesting vegetables, especially the year-round-harvested ones on the rainy days and Tet days are the same. They always leave their homes from 11:00 p.m., and come back on around 2:00 a.m., on the day after with the sleepless faces and calloused hands covered in mud.

Harvesting vegetables at night
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