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Running up Bach Ma Peak to explore the beauty of nature

TTH.VN - Dubbed as a paradise on earth for nature lovers, Bach Ma National Park is famous not only for its rare ecosystem but also for its immensely captivating natural beauty.

“The scents of an ancient village - Happy Footsteps” - Running race to be heldWaiting to conquer Bach Ma running trackRunning in Bach Ma sacred mountain

Bach Ma National Park (located in a district south of Hue City) covers nearly 37,500 hectares, about 40km away from Hue City. It boasts a diverse ecosystem with over 1,700 animal species and 2,400 plant species (making up nearly 17% of the total plant species in the country).

The Bach Ma Mountain Trail 2024 race, held on the first weekend of March, was a resounding success with the participation of over 500 athletes from various provinces across the country, conquering the sacred Bach Ma Mountain together.

With the aim of jointly preserving wildlife and wild plants, bringing nature closer to humanity, the Bach Ma Mountain Trail 2024 race is not just a race but also an opportunity for us to immerse ourselves in nature, exploring the trail sections through the mountains and forests, full of interesting and pristine landscapes.

Hue News is pleased to introduce readers to the images of this race and the beauty of Bach Ma mountain and forest through the lens of the photographer Hoang Hai.

Starting point
Starting with steep hills 
The extremely beautiful running route of Bach Ma 
Runners will conquer the height of 1444m above sea level 
Immersing oneself in nature 
Running amidst the vibrant flowers on Bach Ma peak is an unforgettable experience for the runners 
Overcoming oneself together
Clouds and mountains intertwine to create a beautiful scene for the runners
Foreign runners are extremely excited with the atmosphere of Bach Ma Mountain forest 
Smiles when reaching the highest peak of Bach Ma
Taking commemorative photos on the sacred peak of Bach Ma 
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Hue garden houses A hidden connection between humans and nature
Admiring Azaleas on Bach Ma Peak

On the peak of Bach Ma Mountain, where the weather is mild all year round, the vibrant colors of flowers, leaves, and countless forest birds have always been an endless source of inspiration for photographers and those who wish to explore the pristine beauty of nature.

Admiring Azaleas on Bach Ma Peak
Remembering Hue means recalling the natural and harmonious beauty

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Remembering Hue means recalling the natural and harmonious beauty
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Admiring Hue’s beauty with open top single-decker buses
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Experiencing the running routes by Tam Giang Lagoon
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