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Beaches in Quang Dien attracting visitors

TTH.VN - Just at the beginning of the beach tourism season, the beaches in Quang Cong and Quang Ngan communes (Quang Dien district) have already attracted a large number of visitors to visit and relax. This is the initial result from the self-renewal efforts and the methodical investments.

Peaceful and fresh deserted beachesGoing to Hue for bathing in the sea

 Tan My beach with its pristine beauty

Self-renewal efforts

The communes of Quang Ngan and Quang Cong (Quang Dien district), which are located more than 20km away from Hue city center, have a coastline of 12km with many beautiful beaches, such as: Tan My, Cuong Giang, and Tan Thanh, etc., with moderate depth, clear blue water, and long stretch of white sand. These beaches still retain their wild beauty, where visitors can also find many typical local dishes.

At the end of April, when we had the opportunity to participate in the launching ceremony of Quang Dien beach tourism season in 2023, we recognized many changes of renewing beach tourism by the efforts of local authority and people.

Quang Dien district has implemented many solutions to exploit and promote the strengths of the beaches in tourism development, especially the investment in completing the infrastructure and facilities; as well as mobilizing and supporting business households to decorate and create highlights at the beaches.

“From the resources, the district has invested in the facilities and technical infrastructure to serve the development of services and tourism, including expanding and renewing some roads, building welcoming gates, tourism parking lots, watchtowers to ensure the safety when visitors swimming in the beach; rearranging the restaurants and facilitating the opening of some more business establishments to promote services, in order to meet the needs of serving visitors,” informed the Head of Culture and Information Office of Quang Dien District Vo Viet Duc.

Up to now, a number of investment projects to develop beach tourism have been implemented; for example, the Ruoc Village Resort Project in Cuong Giang village, Quang Cong commune, which has just come into operation, is an ideal resort location for those who love watching the sunrise in a romantic way.

A number of homestay accommodation facilities are invested and built to serve the accommodation needs of visitors. Many organizations, units and individuals have applied for the policy of surveying and investing in coastal tourism projects.

In addition, seafood dishes of Tam Giang lagoon and Quang Dien beach, which are diverse and rich with their available brand names as well as affordable prices, are also the reason for thousands of visitors to come there to have fun and relax.

Being friendly and hospitable

Chairman of Quang Dien District People's Committee Le Ngoc Bao affirmed that developing tourism in Quang Dien district was an important duty of the people and local authority. In the coming time, the district will continue to promote the propaganda, promotion and introduction of historical and cultural values, as well as the potentials and strengths of the beaches and beach tourism, contributing to promoting service and tourism activities, creating more jobs and increasing the locals’ income.

The district will also promote activities to connect tourism tours and routes, and build tour programs suitable to available potentials and strengths, increase the linkages and cooperation with travel companies and agencies inside and outside the province in term of sightseeing and relaxation.

At the same time, mobilizing the locals to boldly invest in facilities, develop services and tourism to serve visitors in a more and more diverse manner, creating the satisfaction in visitors when visiting, experiencing, and using tourism products and services.

Quang Dien's beach tourism is converging potentials and strengths for the development. Along with that is the propaganda and advocacy, aiming to build the image of friendly and hospitable Quang Dien people, towards the goal that each citizen is a tour guide. The authority and locals of Quang Dien are joining hands to build a beach tourism brand name into a familiar, ideal and attractive destination for domestic and foreign visitors.

Story and photo: THAI BINH
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