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Bustling preparations for the Spring Festival

TTH.VN - With models of "mouse weddings" symbolizing the New Year of the Mouse and the decorative flower beds in the green parks connecting with the walking path along the southern bank of the Huong River, the Hue Spring Festival 2020 is guaranteed to create a colorful and festive space for local people and visitors.

"Tet holiday in Hue" program to take place in January 14 and 15Firework performance to take place in Hue city on New Year's Eve

Hundreds of flower pots are being transported to decorate different venues of the Spring Festival 2020

With the theme of "Green Hue", the Spring Festival 2020 is organized by Hue Center for Green Parks, which takes place from January 21-29 (from December 27 to the end of the 5th of Lunar New Year) stretching from Ly Tu Trong Park, the section from Ho Chi Minh Museum to Truong Tien Bridge, including places such as Ly Tu Trong Park, Tu Tuong Park, venue at 19 Le Loi, Nguyen Dinh Chieu pedestrian path, and the ironwood bridge.

Ly Tu Trong Park, the main center for the spring festival, will be decorated to become a flower and bonsai park. Artistic flowerbeds, spring field models, "Mouse wedding" tableau, bamboo paths, bamboo flower patterns, kite art, mascot models of the Year of the Mouse, models of flower wells, flower carts will cover the park, creating a highlight for this year's spring festival. There will also be a display of miniature landscapes, bonsai, Suiseki (viewing stones), Argawood sculptures, wooden sculptures, etc...

The area in front of Hue Children's Culture House will be decorated with flower beds and new models, such as the bamboo flower model combining with various kinds of flower carpets, bamboo lilies, bamboo swing ... From the Memorial of the Dead Soldiers to the site opposite to Hai Ba Trung School, Hue Gate will be installed. "Spring Field" and "Mouse Wedding" tableaus will also be set up. In addition, 500 seats will be placed along the two sides of the venue.

The area in front of the provincial People's Committee to Phu Xuan Bridge will be decorated with a guitar and musical note pattern, bamboo climbing stands with hanging bamboo lanterns, a glowing sphere, and a banh chung-banh tet model.

In addition, in the spaces of the Spring Festival 2020, the organizers will create a cozy traditional space, familiar with Vietnamese people, where the presence of lotus, carp, playful scenes of the year of the Mouse and dozens of art flower beds with the LED system will create a warm and colorful space.

There will be over 240,000 flowering plants of all kinds used to decorate the Spring Festival 2020

This year, the exhibition combined with bonsai and miniature landscapes contest continues to be held in the right corridor of Quoc Hoc stele. According to the Organizing Committee of the Spring Festival 2020, the number of bonsai and miniature landscapes on display and entered in the contest has dropped compared to previous years. However, the quality has increased. Local artisans and artisans from Duy Xuyen (Quang Nam) will bring new and unique entries. The wood corridor area continues to be arranged as a place to display ornamental plants and viewing stones where Hue "calligraphy masters" will gift calligraphy writings at the beginning of the year.

Deputy Director of Hue Center of Green Parks, Mr. Dang Ngoc Quy informed that to create the Spring Festival 2020, during these days, the Center has mobilized 100% of the workforce, with about 280 people urgently transporting flowers, ornamental plants, and at the same time installing and staging models. Of which, there will be 240,000 kinds of flowering plants, nearly 1,000 bonsai and ornamental plants and 60 apricot flower trees. The preparation for the Spring Festival 2019 is expected to be completed before January 20 to prepare for the opening at 16:00 on January 21.

Local residents and visitors beginning to "check in" at the Spring Festival area

In addition to the southern bank, Thuong Bac Park and all the green spots in the city have been enhanced by lighting and decorative flower beds and ornamental plants. Thuong Bac Park is still the place to organize spring fun activities such as chicken fights, choi cards playing huts, traditional martial arts performances and etc.

The focal points in the front of state agencies' offices, traffic points such as Truong Tien, Phu Xuan and Da Vien bridges ... have been decorated with flower baskets. At the northern gateway at An Hoa Park and the area in front of Phu Van Lau flagpole, yellow chrysanthemum pots have been arranged to bear the words "Happy New Year 2020".

According to the leaders of Hue City People's Committee, the new feature of the Spring Festival in 2020 is the decorations along the parks on the southern shore, Nguyen Dinh Chieu pedestrian path, which have been completely renovated, and the newly upgraded electric lighting system in the parks. In addition to the southern bank, Thuong Bac Park and the pedestrian path along the north bank of the Huong River, which have just been renovated with an investment of 21 billion VND, will contribute to creating more places to organize spring fun activities.

Story and photos: Thanh Huong

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