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Da Vien islet - a space of culture and poetic nature

TTH.VN - The walking path paved with stone, winding around the east bank of Da Vien islet together with the well-trimmed system of flower gardens and trees, create a poetic space at a prime location in the middle of the Perfume River.

Green Da VienThe project of embellishing Phu Xuan Park, the section from Phu Xuan Bridge to Da Vien Bridge approvedComing to Hue city to bathe in the Perfume River

The poetic roads on Da Vien islet after its completion create a highlight in the heart of Hue city

After nearly 4 months of renovation and embellishment, up to this point, the overall landscape of Da Vien islet has basically been completed with many sections, turning the islet into a poetic and interesting destination in the heart of the Perfume River and of Hue city.

The winding path around the east bank of Da Vien islet with a length of 1,100m connects the under-areas of Da Vien road bridge and Bach Ho railway bridge, stretching to the eastern tip of the islet, which is beautifully paved with flat stones. The system of green trees creates a cool and luxurious atmosphere. In the heart of Da Vien islet, new lawns and flower gardens have been planted, and next to the tip of the islet lies a yellow apricot garden... The embellishment and renovation of Da Vien islet are based on the principle of respecting its original nature.

Looking down from Da Vien Bridge, this landscape resembles a miniature forest. Standing in the middle of the islet, one can easily come in sight of Phu Xuan bridge, Truong Tien bridge, and the pedestrian system alongside the riverbanks... "It’s so beautiful" is the admiration of so many people when they see the change of Da Vien islet after its embellishment. Standing here, people can feel the value of a green city, the peace with fresh air.

In addition to creating a public space, in the future, this place is also considered as a multi-purpose cultural area, connecting with a system of parks and walking routes around it.

The project of embellishing and renovating the east bank of Da Vien islet has a cost of 11 billion VND. Mr. Le Nhu Chinh, Director of Hue Green Park Center, said that after the embellishment is completed, the west bank plan will be taken into account, which is from Da Vien clean water plant towards the direction heading the upstream of the Perfume River.

The following photos are recorded by Thua Thien Hue Online:

The path paved with stones around Da Vien islet stretches about 1,100m long, having been basically completed 

The path leading from Da Vien road bridge and Bach Ho railway bridge to the east bank of Da Vien islet

A corner of the winding road on Da Vien islet, next to it is Bach Ho bridge and Da Vien water tower

In addition to the system of trees and lawns, Hue Green Park Center plants many flower gardens depending on each of the seasons

In the middle of the islet, there are large spaces nestled among large green trees

In addition to the existing tree system, a few new plants are also added

Beautiful view from Da Vien islet looking up at Bach Ho bridge in the late afternoon

By Nhat Minh


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“Coming to Hue, like coming home”

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“Coming to Hue, like coming home”
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