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Exploring Dai Ban Waterfall

TTH.VN - With the pristine and peaceful beauty of the lagoon, Dai Ban waterfall (Loc Binh, Phu Loc) is an interesting stop that tourists should not miss.

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Enjoying the cool, green and peaceful space of Dai Ban waterfall

Referring to Loc Binh tourism, many people will immediately think of the romantic and poetic coast with clear blue sky, white clouds, and crystalline water; or a poetic Ganh Lang with its peaceful scene of the lives of fishermen.

Unbeknownst to most people, Loc Binh has another sightseeing to explore. A wild, primitive scenery nestled among rolling hills and mountains. There, reeds still grow along the stream, and the thunderous waterfall patiently carrying the water downstream and merged into the year-round cool breeze of Cau Hai lagoon.

That sightseeing is called Dai Ban waterfall, the one with a unique beauty, only a short distance of a little more than 50km from Hue City. To reach Dai Ban, visitors can either go down National Highway 1A, turn left onto Highway 49B right in front of Phuoc Tuong tunnel or cross Truong Ha bridge, follow highway 49B down to Tu Hien bridge, and then turn right after that. The waterfall is located near the center of Loc Binh commune.

The water on its way back to the sea

The way to this waterfall is not too difficult, but challenging enough for the legs less used to regular walking. After parking in the local houses, tourists are treated to more than 1km of soil and mountain rocks route from the edge of the acacia forest to the waterfall.

Passing under the acacia trees that cultivated by the local people until the ones’ feet are tired, and their steps and breath filled with fatigue; the journey to the waterfall is completed.

Deep in the dense forest, the roaring sound of the waterfall becomes clear. The fatigue quickly disappears when the cold steam from the 2-storey waterfall quickly penetrated into one’s cells. Right in front of the tourists lies a poetic clear lake surrounded by reeds, forest foliage and the sparkling waterfall singing a song of nature in the hot summer sun.

The quiet waterfall on Loc Binh hill is surely not as majestic as other famous waterfalls of Hue such as Mo waterfall, A Nor waterfall... However, if you desire the purity and serenity of nature itself, Dai Ban waterfall is a romantic and lovely place to visit.

The waterfall is not too big but airy, surrounded by green trees, butterflies and flowers. Immersed in that scene, tourists would feel like experiencing the amazing feeling of becoming a real-life Tarzan.

After spending time and effort following the mountain road to this pristine waterfall, you should not rush to dip yourself into the water. Instead, stop and take a short rest to listen to the chorus of streams, birds, and mountains; to take in the pure aroma of the wilderness.

Under the bright sun light of June, you will feel like yourself being energized by the freshness and clarity of the waterfall, along with the green space of the mountains and forests.

The right time to conquer this waterfall is usually from June to August. Local guides are available to help you reach the waterfall safely. Those who don’t prefer the exploration can choose to relax in the brook, located right next to the residential area, with small huts built for tourists.

Providing a unique experience suitable for those who are passionate about discovery with a little adventure, Dai Ban waterfall, together with Loc Binh sea, Ganh Lang and Cau Hai lagoon, create a mesmerizing picture painted with the color of the sea, waterfall, mountains, rivers and lagoons. Dai Ban waterfall is a must-see scenery and should be experienced at least once to enjoy the unique blend of the land here.

Story and photos: MAI HUE

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