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Fascinating Tien (Fairy) Stream

TTH.VN - Taking advantage of the wild, wondrous, and charming beauty of nature, Thuy An Cooperative (in Phu Loc district - a district located south of Hue city) has exploited and built Fairy Stream into an attractive tourist destination for tourists from near and far.

Come to A Luoi to listen to khèn, enjoy the mountains and relaxAppointing to meet at A Lin stream

 Coming to Thuy Yen Lake after coming to Fairy Stream

According to local people, Fairy Stream originates from a story a long time ago. Once upon a time, there was a species of flower vine that stretched on the rocky slopes of the stream like the hair of fairies walking around. The name Tien (Fairy) Stream originates from there.

Coming to Tien Stream, visitors not only enjoy the natural beauty, and bathing in the cool and refreshing stream but also enjoy witnessing schools of blue stream fish, and colorful and human-friendly dragonflies. On hot days, visitors to Tien Stream can enjoy the fresh air and the feeling of setting foot in the stream - the feeling of being massaged, relaxed, and comfortable.

Coming to Tien Stream, visitors can explore the upstream of the stream, which is still unspoiled, or natural forests, red-leaved and yellow-leaved trees interspersed with the immense green of the primeval forest. All are very wild and charming, giving visitors an interesting experience.

Since 2018, the Tien Stream - Thuy Yen Lake eco-tourism area has been licensed by the province to operate. This stream is invested, built methodically, and fully equipped. Specifically, there are two marinas, two waiting houses, a central food court, three motels, and 12 stream bathing spots.

Thuy An Cooperative is assigned the task of managing and exploiting Tien Stream, promoting its inherent potential, and contributing to promoting local economic development. Every year, Tien Stream welcomes over 20,000 visitors, creating jobs for many workers, increasing income for the cooperative, and contributing to the local budget.

Recently, Thuy An Cooperative has mobilized shareholder capital of 5.8 billion VND from 244 members to invest in infrastructure construction, vehicle procurement, concrete road, boat docks, parking lots, bathing places, canoes, and boat construction. From 2022, on average each month, Tien Stream attracts 6,000 visitors, creating revenue of 1.5 billion VND, and bringing a profit of 400 million VND/year.

Chairman of the Provincial Cooperative Alliance, Mr. Tran Luu Quoc Doan, assessed that Thuy An Cooperative was on the right track when there was a satisfactory investment in the construction of the Fairy Stream eco-tourism area. This legendary stream is really attractive through the increasing number of tourists coming to visit, an average of 6,000 visitors per month.

Thuy An Cooperative is orienting to develop Tien stream with a breakthrough, boldly exploiting various types of services, such as souvenir stalls, refreshments, photography, photo printing, etc. The cooperative built stalls displaying the main Hue traditional items, such as conical hats, wood handicrafts, melaleuca oil, and local dishes of the indigenous people. At the same time, linking with travel companies in Hue and Da Nang to create a product value chain to attract more and more tourists.

Suoi Tien eco-tourism area is expected to cover free Wi-Fi service at attractions, creating conditions for visitors to online, look up, update information, and relax during sightseeing and relaxation. Thuy An Cooperative has built the OCOP program in the field of ecotourism services with the website "".

Tourists coming to the Fairy Stream tourist area in the past time are not only in the province but also from many other provinces. Tourists from Da Nang City and many foreign tourists have come to Fairy Stream, an average of 200-300 visitors per day.

Story and photo: HOANG THE
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