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Hue welcomes tourists coming for their spring trips

TTH.VN - On the first days of the new year, tourists destinations, hotels, and resorts, etc., all recorded a significant number of tourists coming for visiting and entertaining.

"Checking-in" spring flowers on the days leading up to TetProduct display space for Tet holidayEye-catching fruit-shaped mung bean cakesThe flower park welcoming spring is officially open to residentsFish salad for entertaining guests

Hotels organizing spring activities to attract tourists

At heritage attractions, which is opened for free for 3 days of Tet, thousands of tourist arrivals have come for visit and entertainment. As for the first day of Tet, the complex of Hue monuments welcomed around 8.700 tourist arrivals. Many other destinations such as the pedestrian space on the banks of the Huong River with the spotlights including Ly Tu Trong Park, and colorful, novel Da Vien Dune have also created special highlights for the Huong River and Hue urban area, contributing to attracting tourists.

During their spring trips, most of local people and tourists wearing masks and keeping distance

In the Tet of the year of Tiger 2022, around 100 accommodation establishments in the provincial area recorded guests making bookings. The demand for reservations at hotels and resorts is relatively high, such as Vedana 88.2%, Pilgrimage Village 50.5%, Laguna Park Townhouse 58%, Angsana Langco 23%; Banyan tree Lang Co 25%. Other hotels in the city area also witnessed an average capacity of 40%.

Mrs. Tran Thi Hoang Yen, Sales Manager of Azerai La Residence said that during the Tet holiday, compared to last year, the hotel welcomed an increase of 400% of visitor arrivals. This was a promising number for a new tourism year. Some high-star hotels, resorts, and service establishments have organized entertaining programs and activities to meet the demand of experiencing the traditional culture and the way Hue ancient Capital welcomes the new year of tourists and the local community.

According to Tourism Department, during the Tet 2022 (from January 28 to February 6, i.e., December 26 to January 6 of the lunar calendar), Hue tourism is expected to welcome around 8.000 tourist arrivals, in which the number of staying visitors is estimated at 7.000 arrivals, while the number for international tourists is estimated at 300 arrivals; revenue from accommodation is expected to reach 4.5 billion VND.

Following are some pictures of tourists visiting Hue:

Enjoying the atmosphere of Tet at heritage sites

The street of “Ochna integerrima blossom” becoming one of the destinations attracting tourists this year

International tourists joining the flux of visitors to discover the heritage sites

Thien Mu Pagoda, a spiritual destination still having its charm

A Spanish family visiting Hue

The area for taking photos with the tiger mascot is always crowded with tourists

Duck Pedal Boat is a favorite activity of various families when going for their spring trips

Many accommodation establishments giving “lucky money” to guests, promising a new year to serve more guests

By Duc Quang

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Flowers on Tet holiday

In the days leading up to the Lunar New Year, Hue City becomes extremely bustling as flowers appear everywhere.

Flowers on Tet holiday
Tet gifts for the poor

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Nearly 400 outstanding works participate in the Yellow Apricot Festival in Hue
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