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Successor of Hue royal cuisine honored as "Top Vietnamese culinary artisan"

TTH.VN - At the Tourism Awards Ceremony 2017, within The Vietnam International Travel Mart (Hanoi VITM) 2018, held on March 30 in Hanoi, outstanding individuals in the field of tourism were honored for the first time, besides the businesses.

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The Organizing Committee awards the prizes of top Vietnamese culinary artisans to the three artisans

In the category of top Vietnamese culinary artisans, the prizes were given to Mrs. Ton Nu Thi Ha, Mrs. Bui Thi Suong and Mrs. Pham Anh Tuyet.
Mrs. Ton Nu Thi Ha (born in 1943, in Hue) is known as the only successor of Hue royal cuisine. In 2004, the Vietnamese Guinness Book recognized her as "the one with the most occupations" with 16 occupations as cooking, planting bonsai, medicine, photography, painting portraits, making pottery, teaching, interpreting, making wine, making cakes and jams, etc.
Mrs. Pham Anh Tuyet (born in 1953, in Hanoi) is a folk artisan, named as “The first of Ha Thanh" in the culinary culture of Vietnam. She was mainly responsible for building the menu of the recent dinner banquet for 21 APEC leaders.
Mrs. Bui Thi Suong (born in 1952, in Tien Giang) is one of the founding members of the Saigon Professional Chef Association. In 2009, she was given the title of a folk artisan. With 35 years of teaching in the culinary arts, she has been the judge of many national cooking competitions.
The prizes are awarded with the following criteria: well mastering the knowledge, skills and know-how of Vietnamese cuisine; directly keeping, creating and teaching the next generations; directing and advising national and international culinary festivals; honored in culinary magazines, as well as domestic and international TV programs on cuisine.

Source: NLD


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