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The trend of “traveling by train”

TTH.VN - If you want to catch up with youngsters’ trends, one of the things you need to do is experience getting on the train, taking impressive and attractive photos on the train with the background of a majestic and immense sky behind.

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Various so chill check-in corners on the train of youth

Following the footsteps of Nguyen Hoang Linh Dan (24 years old, Phuoc Vinh Ward, Hue city) to Hue Railway Station to buy tickets for a scenic train ride, I suddenly realized that I almost have gone through my youth, this is the first time I have traveled by train.

Ling Dan said: “The train tickets are often available for sale for a relatively long time before the travel date. This helps me plan and schedule my trip before starting. Besides that, I can also buy tickets online on the train ticket booking website. The time of departure and arrivals is quite accurate. We can be proactive in our time thanks to the situation of being hardly “delayed”.

Previously, the train is just as simple as a mean of traveling between locations. The strong development of modern means of transport has made the choice of traveling by train become unpopular. Later, thanks to the refurbishment and the upgrading of services and facilities, etc., the railway station has become one of the new destinations sought by the youngsters. The railway station is also one of the destinations mentioned so much in movies and photos as a destination attracting tourists. Far from that, traveling by train has also become a “hot trend” of the young people who are in love with traveling.

With the groups of those having passion for photography, Hue Railway Station will be one of the destinations carrying countless quality corners for checking-in, from ticket counter and railway platforms to old train carriages, etc. Everywhere can be the background for the photos of life. Of course, the “checking-in connoisseurs” will not miss the unique backgrounds such as the compartments or the room windows overlooking outside sceneries.

“Traveling by train” bringing various unique and enjoyable experiences

Nguyen Van Anh (20 years old from Kim Long Ward) said: “Recently, checking-in on the trains, contemplating outside sceneries, as well as taking one’s trendy photos are becoming the new trends of the youngsters. Therefore, I also invited my friends to make an experience trip on the SE2 train to together enjoy natural landscapes and catch the moments of youth”.

The journey from Hue to Da Nang goes through many places with wonderful sceneries, especially Hai Van Pass. Hai Van Pass is one of the famous destinations, connecting two cities Da Nang and Hue. Sitting on the train, the charming and poetic landscapes gradually appear in front of your eyes. As a trip of adventure, I can let myself comfortably contemplate the cities, sky, clouds, sea, and mountains, etc., with a novel and impressive view.

Not as fast as the plane, at the same time not as freely in adventuring as motorbike, although the train is more deliberate, it brings various emotions for experiencers, etc.

Sitting on the train, having headphones on the eyes, playing a so “chill” music song, thinking about the days of one’s young age, looking out to contemplate the sceneries that we may have missed, or inviting friends to take some “deep” photos, or sitting by the window and staring blankly, etc. Surely, this will be an interesting and unforgettable experience in life.

Not only a place for “checking-in”, many youngsters also choose the train as a leisure place to relax, and find inspiration for work. Hoang Minh Huu ( 26 years old, Tay Loc Ward) said: “As my job requires creativity, I often let myself in the status of finding novel places to find my inspiration for work. Traveling by train is also an interesting choice to both work and enjoy the beautiful natural landscapes. My mind seems to be given a new source of energy. It took around 2 hour from Hue Railway Station to Da Nang Railway Station, during that time, I can finish my work, and at the same time broaden my eyes with fresh and wonderful natural landscapes”.

Story: Bach Chau – Photos provided by the characters

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