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A cultural exchange bridge

TTH.VN - Through international cooperation activities, universities in Hue city not only provide opportunities for professional training exchanges and discussions, but also promote the unique culture of the country.

Hue Matsuri 2023 promotes Vietnamese - Japanese cultural exchangePromoting cultural exchange programs and festivals of Cergy and Hue citiesCooperating in training experts in culture and arts

 Vietnamese and Korean students posing for souvenir photos

Enhancing exchanges

Since 2018, the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Hue University has coordinated with Korean partners to organize many health festival activities for primary and junior high school students in Hue city.

After more than 2 years of being affected by the epidemic, the University had an opportunity to continue its cooperation with Youngsan University, Korea to organize a health festival at Duy Tan Junior High School (An Cuu Ward), and Thong Nhat Junior High School (Dong Ba Ward) in 2023.

At the festivals, students received health counseling and education, such as dental health care, hand hygiene, and scoliosis prevention. The festivals partly helped children raise their awareness about health and create a healthy environment for a comprehensive health development.

In terms of expertise, health days were a good opportunity to help student volunteers experience and learn about the role of the health sector in the community, then take directions to become good medical staff in the future. At the same time, it provided them with opportunities to exchange and learn about languages in an international environment, and practice and improve necessary soft skills.

 Students of the University of Foreign Languages in a class in Thailand

they were present at these festivals. Vietnamese students, under the guidance of Korean students, participated in interesting games, such as the Ddakji game, or flipping the other player's card, and the Jegichagi, also known as shuttlecock.

Many students, after a period of getting to know the games, confidently challenged Korean students to see who could kick the shuttlecock more. There were no winners or losers. Only did the bustling laughter resound through the schoolyard, blurring the boundaries of language and geographical distance.

The busiest person that day was a Korean schoolgirl in a traditional Hanbok. Many students came to interact and take pictures. The most beautiful image was the photos of Vietnamese teachers in graceful traditional Ao dai standing beside the Korean student wearing a Hanbok.

Tra Mi, a student at Thong Nhat Junior High School, after having photos with students from Korea, happily shared that this was the first time she got to chat and have fun with Korean students. Even though they could not communicate much, the students were very cheerful and approachable. Therefore, she felt very comfortable and had fun with them, showing her hospitality.

 The traditional Ao dai in Thailand

Prof. Lee Byung Ho, Youngsan University, said that this Korean group had nearly 40 members, including 26 students. Coming to Vietnam, the students not only studied and improved their expertise, but also had an opportunity to introduce the image and people of Korea to Vietnam.

Besides, Korean students also went on tours to all famous tourist attractions in Hue city and experienced local typical cultural activities, that helped them therefrom better understand the culture of each country and the good traditional relationship of the two countries.

Seeing a meaningful exchange time of her students, Ms. Nguyen Thi Minh Huong, Principal of Thong Nhat Junior High School was delighted. Korea is a developed country in Asia. This interaction with Korean students would inspire her students to learn about Korea and gain more understanding for a good preparation for their future life. It thereby helped them improve their integration skills. More importantly, the activity would increase students’ aspiration for personal development, contributing to the development of Vietnam.

Promoting unique cultural features

In early July 2023, groups of students from the International Studies Faculty and the English Faculty of the University of Foreign Languages and International Studies (HUFLIS), Hue University started their four-week internship programs at the university’s partners in Thailand; particularly, 27 students at Buriram Rajabhat University, 8 at Ubon Ratchathan Rajabhat University and 4 at Naresuan University.

The internship program for these students in Thailand included a pedagogical and language practice. Accordingly, students would have time to practice their pedagogy and class observation, prepare their lesson plans and practice teaching, participate in language and cultural exchange programs, practical learning programs in localities and related activities.

A representative from the HUFLIS informed that students’ internships in Thailand would provide them with opportunities to promote Vietnam’s culture and characteristics to local people. They wore traditional Ao dai to attend lecture, prepared presentations about their homeland and culture to introduce to fellow students and teachers in exchange classes... This was expected to contribute a small effort to promote images of Hue in particular and Vietnam in general to Thailand. In addition, they did not forget to invite Thai students to visit Hue in the earliest time.

Returning to the recent Korean - Vietnam cultural exchange activity organized by the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Dr. Nguyen Thi Anh Phuong, Head of the university’s Faculty of International Training, said that these exchanges were only an initial stimulation. In the coming time, more in-depth activities will be organized. Students from both sides will have more interaction with activities, sports games and cultural arts. In developing training programs with an integration of student exchange method, an appropriate amount of time and activity designs will be emphasized for a more effective cultural exchange.

The international cooperation has been implemented effectively by Hue University recently. Besides the traditional partners, Hue University is gradually opening its cooperation to Europe and America... An effective international cooperation is considered a stepping stone for the interaction and “sublimation” of countries’ cultures and destinations towards a good and friendly relationship.

Story and photos: DUC QUANG – NGUYEN NHI
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Japanese businesses want to recruit workers in the economic sectors

On the afternoon of March 26th, Orient Human Design Inc Association, together with UT Aim Co., Ltd, Japan had a working session with University of Economics, Hue University on connecting and offering internship positions to students, as well as placing orders regarding human resource training for Japanese businesses in the near future.

Japanese businesses want to recruit workers in the economic sectors
Hue City promotes cultural people-to-people diplomacy with regions of Japan

On the morning of March 21st, Standing Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Thanh Binh had courtesy meeting with a delegation from the Foreign Affairs Department of Nara prefecture – Japan, headed by Mr. Hitomi Tatsuya, Director of the Foreign Affairs Department of Nara prefecture.

Hue City promotes cultural people-to-people diplomacy with regions of Japan
Enhancing cultural exchange between Vietnam and South Korea

On the afternoon of November 22, at Duyet Thi Duong Theater, Imperial City of Hue, Hue Monuments Conservation Center (HMCC) and National Gugak Center of South Korea signed a memorandum of cooperation and conducted a cultural exchange performance of court music between Vietnam and South Korea.

Enhancing cultural exchange between Vietnam and South Korea
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