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Bridging cultural exchange between Vietnam and Laos

TTH.VN - The University of Arts, Hue University and its partner organized art exhibitions in both Vietnam and Laos, “building” a cultural bridge between the two countries.

57 artworks are displayed in the art exhibition to foster Vietnam - Laos cultural exchangeCherishing the special friendship between Vietnam and LaosEnhancing friendship and comprehensive cooperation with Salavan Province (Laos)Fostering friendship​ and cooperation with Champasak province

 Dr. Phan Le Chung, President of the Council of the University of Arts, Hue University (right) gives a gift to the representative of Savannakhet Fine Arts School (Laos) at an exhibition in Hue

Cultural bridge from fine arts

The Laos-Vietnam-Thailand International Fine Arts Exhibition was held within the framework of Savannakhet Tourism Week 2024 (Laos), which took place last March. The exhibition showcased over 60 works created by artists from three countries. The works of art on display included paintings, sculptures, graphics, and various other art forms, each representing a different style and material.

In particular, the University of Arts, Hue University represented Vietnam at this exhibition. There were 17 works of art by Vietnamese artists, created using various mediums such as acrylic, oil paint, watercolor, and sculpture. Some notable pieces included Red Water Buffalo, Lantern, Lotus, and Ancient Imprint.

Dr. Phan Le Chung, President of the Council of the University of Arts, Hue University, stated that the selected artworks were unique and typical, and demonstrated the characteristics of visual arts, affirming artistic determination. Thereby, these works contribute to introducing the culture of Hue in particular and Vietnam in general, creating an important and unique highlight in the exhibition space.

The exhibition’s participation is a result of the cooperation between the University of Arts, Hue University and Savannakhet Fine Arts School (Laos). The two institutions signed an agreement in November 2023. They also jointly organized the Vietnam-Laos Cultural Exchange Fine Arts Exhibition during the signing event at the University of Arts. The exhibition's theme was "Connecting," and it showcased 57 works of art by 45 authors from both schools, using various materials. The exhibition included 25 works by 14 authors from Savannakhet Fine Arts School in Laos and 30 works by 24 authors from the University of Arts, Hue University.

Artist Nguyen Anh Duong, who is a lecturer at the University of Arts, has expressed that having a work showcased in the exhibition between the two countries is an honor for every artist. This exhibition provided an opportunity for staff, lecturers, and students from both schools to exchange and learn about fine art creation. The exhibition also allowed artists from the University of Arts to explore new art styles from Laos, and to introduce their own artistic characteristics and strengths to colleagues from Laos. This activity serves as a bridge for art to meet, harmonize, and sublimate.

Strengthening the friendship

A representative from Savannakhet Fine Arts School has assessed that Hue is a city with a rich history and many cultural relics that have been recognized as world heritage sites. The images of this land and its unique culture are very well-known in Laos. Savannakhet and Thua Thien Hue have had a good friendship over the past few years. Therefore, exhibitions held in both localities of the two countries were great opportunities to compare the differences in the aesthetic expression of Vietnamese and Lao artists, and the variations in each person's way of understanding and perceiving things. These exhibitions were not only a platform for artistic expression, but they also facilitated cultural exchange activities. Such exhibitions would help in deepening the understanding between the two countries.

Dr. Phan Le Chung believed that Thua Thien Hue and Savannakhet are remarkable destinations that showcase the unique cultural characteristics of Vietnam and Laos. These two places are located on the famous East-West economic corridor, which spans four countries: Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam. Cultural exchange activities such as exhibitions and art introductions help to promote the image of both countries and introduce the people of Vietnam to Laos and vice versa. These activities also play a crucial role in promoting economic development, especially in the “cultural industry” and tourism sectors.

These exhibitions represented a significant advancement in collaboration between two institutions in the arts and culture sector. These were chances for both institutions to showcase their successes in training and creating arts. The exhibitions have led to proposals for enhancing the quality of higher education in the arts field. It also presented an opportunity to expand expectations in future professional development and other collaborative training activities. In particular, this would help higher education institutions in Vietnam and Laos proactively attract students from the two countries to come together in the coming time. Therefore, the two institutions have set a goal of connecting further through cultural and artistic exchange activities, training, and professional work.

Mr. Phan Ngoc Tho, Permanent Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, emphasized that the uniqueness and development of the land is also reflected in the aspect of training, preserving, and promoting fine arts values. The fine arts training facilities also have the responsibility of promoting Hue culture through their unique strengths. Thua Thien Hue is in the process of constructing a centrally-governed city which will be based on four key pillars: Culture, tourism, education, and health. As a result, the University of Arts, Hue University is required to strengthen its international cooperation efforts in order to act as a good “bridge” for cultural exchange. This will help to bring the unique culture of Hue and Vietnam as a whole to the rest of the world.
Story and photo: DUC QUANG
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