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Celebrating Vietnam - Laos friendship

TTH.VN - "Viet – Laos, our two countries / The love is deeper than Hong Ha, Cuu Long's waters" – the lines from a poem of the close friendship and long relationship between two countries Vietnam - Laos through thousands of years to the present time. And once again, the poem lines reaffirm the core values of warmth and harmony of friendship and rich cultural colors at the festival of cultural exchange, sports and tourism of ethnic minorities of provinces in the border areas of Vietnam - Laos, Central and Central Highlands in 2019.

Vietnam and Laos exchange experiences on religious affairs among their border provincesContinuing to promote Vietnam – Laos relation“Vietnam-Laos special tie gets increasingly stronger”

The national flags of Vietnam and Laos flying during the opening night of the festival, affirm the affection between the two countries

The program organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in coordination with the provincial People's Committee officially opened in A Luoi town, A Luoi district, on the night of May 17th.

Attending the program were Ms. Trinh Thi Thuy, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Culture - Sports and Tourism; Mr. Buangan Xaphuvong, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Information - Culture and Tourism of Laos PDR. On the province side, there were Mr. Bui Thanh Ha, Standing Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Mr. Phan Ngoc Tho, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee. In addition, representatives of international agencies, leaders of provinces and cities and thousands of local people and tourists attended the program.

As a friendly intention and a nice surprise, the voices of the two countries not only were skillful in expressing the song about the friendship of the two countries but also left in everyone’s heart the traditional dance and the firm handshakes. Each performance left in the hearts of viewers the impression of traditional costumes honoring the beauty of the country and people of ethnic minorities living along the border of the two countries.

Standing Deputy Secretary Bui Thanh Ha and Chairman Phan Ngoc Tho joining in the dance with artists of the two countries.

Deputy Minister Trinh Thi Thuy said that this activity aimed to honor, introduce and promote the unique traditional cultural values of ethnic communities and strengthen the solidarity, friendship, cooperation and cultural exchange between the border provinces of the two countries in the process of integration and development.

During the event, visitors will be able to immerse in the lively atmosphere and unique traditional cultural colors through the expression of 600 artisans, actors and athletes. Visitors will be able immerse in the folk melodies, admire the beauty of the traditional costumes and see firsthand the recreations of special festivals...

In response, Deputy Minister of Laos Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism Mr. Buangan Xaphuvong said that the great traditional relationship, special solidarity and comprehensive international cooperation between the two countries of Laos and Vietnam are rare in the world. The people of the two countries stood together and fought enemies in the past. Now, they cooperate in defending and building their countries. 

“I believe that this festival will further promote the cultural and artistic exchange between the two countries, while strengthening the brotherhood and friendship between the peoples of Laos - Vietnam in general, and among the peoples in the area sharing the Laos - Vietnam border in particular", said Mr. Buangan Xaphuvong.

Photos of the opening night of the festival captured by Thua Thien Hue Online:

A performance revealing the life and people of ethnic minorities living along the border of Vietnam and Laos

A group of female artists from Laos with beautiful traditional costumes

And the impression they brought with their eye-catching dances

Also, on the opening night of the festival, the artisans of Zèng weaving of A Luoi once again had the opportunity to recreate the process of making products

A Luoi’s Zèng has developed beyond the communal characteristic, with unique new products demonstrated through a rather sophisticated and stylish fashion show

According to the organizing committee, during the event, people will be immersed in the lively atmosphere and unique colourful traditional cultures

Singer Anh Tho performing a song about President Ho Chi Minh

"Vietnam – Laos, our two countries, 

The love is deeper than Hong Ha, Cuu Long’s waters"

Contributing to the opening night of the festival, singer Trong Tan’s song allowed people to immerse themselves in the melody of Vietnamese - Laos peoples

Miss Ngoc Han and many children participated in the festival with Zèng costumes

Story and photos: THANH THO

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