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Bustling Tet atmosphere

TTH.VN - After the whole year of hard work, no matter how busy they are, as the last days of the old year are gradually passing, everyone just wants to prepare the most "Spring" things to make Tet at their home full and fresh, like the wishing for a new year full of joy and happiness.

"December" of lunar year is coming…The Tet Fair in My Loi villageThe bamboo pole erection ceremony at the Thai Family Ancestral House of Prof. Dr. Thai Kim Lan

Through the photo series of Khoa Huy and Trung Phan, the photographers, Thua Thien Hue Newspaper’s Year-end issue would like to invite readers to enthusiastically prepare for Tet with every people everywhere.

Bringing "Tet" home

Preparing jams, cakes, and lucky red envelopes, etc.

Streets full of colorful flowers

Shopping for Tet at the traditional markets

By Thua Thien Hue Newspaper’s Year-end issue

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Spring in Hue gardens

People often say Hue is like a poetic lush green garden. When spring comes, the whole Hue garden is filled with gentle fragrance from flowers. At that time, flowers are not just flowers; flowers are also bright beams at dawn; flowers hide themselves under wings of swallows which herald the coming of spring; flowers ride on butterflies to show off their beauty and aroma; flowers sing along with birds on branches...

Spring in Hue gardens
Spring outings at the museums

Besides the lively and beautifully decorated spring outing places, in recent years, one of the destinations on the days of Tet that many people have chosen to visit is the museum. Therefore, museums also open during Tet to serve the public’s demand of enjoying arts.

Spring outings at the museums
Tet of Overseas Vietnamese

As the Tet holiday approaches, many Vietnamese people living far from their homeland still feel the eager atmosphere. Some feel excited when returning to their homeland, while many families enjoy celebrating Vietnamese Tet in foreign lands.

Tet of Overseas Vietnamese
Tourist numbers to Hue surge during Tet

The Department of Tourism has reported that during the Giap Thin Lunar New Year (Year of the Dragon), the number of tourists visiting Hue for sightseeing and experiences has significantly increased compared to that of the same period in 2023, with many accommodation facilities fully booked during the festive days.

Tourist numbers to Hue surge during Tet
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