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Japanese businesses in need of logistics personnel

TTH.VN - Recently, the University of Economics, Hue University held a working session with Japan Internship Support Association to connect with internships and create job opportunities in Japan for students of the university.

Sending labors with difficult circumstances to work abroad50 full scholarships for doctoral and master courses in Japan for Vietnamese officials and civil servants

 The Japan Internship Support Association interviews students

In 2023, the University of Economics, Hue University signed a cooperation agreement with the Japan Internship Support Association, sending students to intern in Japan for 6 months to 1 year, thereby creating long-term job opportunities in Japan for students after graduation.

At the working session, the Japan Internship Support Association conducted interviews with 5 students who were admitted for internships in Japan. In the coming time, the association will continue to interview the remaining 5 students out of a total of 10 admitted students. Additionally, there are 25 students studying Japanese and 26 students currently waiting for classes.

After the interviews, the University of Economics will complete the necessary paperwork and visa application for the internship for the qualified students. They will also continue to learn Japanese language to enhance their capabilities.

The Japan Internship Support Association will introduce businesses in Japan and welcome students when they arrive for their internships. During their internship in Japan, students will be provided with guaranteed internship placements and safe accommodations, assistance in purchasing health insurance, and be responsible for management by Japanese companies. After the internship, students will receive internship certificates, and job interviews will be organized for them to work at companies.

Mr. Fukuda, Deputy Director of ShinKen Company (the recruiting company), provided a brief introduction of his company at the working session. It is a large transportation company in Japan, headquartered in Saitama Prefecture. Currently, the logistics industry in Japan is in need of many personnel. Therefore, the company hopes to receive students for internships and future employment.

Mr. Fukuda also mentioned that the company currently employs 14 Vietnamese engineers. If students intern in Japan, they can receive training and be offered long-term employment opportunities in Japan after graduation. The company is ready to accept students for long-term work not only at ShinKen Company but also at other companies in the Saitama Prefecture business association.

To make the collaboration more effective, both parties have agreed to establish a check-in model in Japan, a brand recognition system at the University of Economics, promote the internship program to classes and departments, support joint recruitment with the university, and continue to expand cooperation in logistics by visiting companies and students who are currently interning in Japan.

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