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The 2023 German Film Festival – Hue City opens

TTH.VN - As part of the event series of the annual German Film Festival (Kinofest) in Vietnam, the German Film Festival 2023 – Hue City opened at the Intercultural meeting place - Huong River Ancient Pottery Museum (located at 94-96-98 Bach Dang Street, Hue City) on the evening of November 24th.

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 The German Film Festival 2023 – Hue City opens at the Intercultural meeting place

The festival introduces films released from 2021-2023 that have received a lot of attention from the German cinema, especially the Berlinale Film Festival in recent times. This year, the films are diverse in genre and topic, with main themes about connection, immigration, and cultural interference in contemporary German life.

According to Mr. Gugi Gumilang, a curator of KinoFest 2023, the film selection process starts from the idea that German cinema is a highly diverse one with many layers of intertwined culture and voices. All these create a complex history of the country, as well as the evolution of the cultural landscape.

Three special films from the German Film Week in Vietnam will be screened at the Intercultural Meeting place on November 24th - 26th.

 A scene extracted from the movie Toubab

On the evening of November 24th, the festival opened with a work released in 2021 titled “Toubab”. This film has received many nominations and awards at different festivals in Warsaw, Sofia, as well as award ceremonies such as Bavarian, German...

The film tells the story of Babtou – a black German of Senegalese origin. Born and raised in Frankfurt and never set foot in Senegal, Babtou had to do everything he could to avoid being deported to the African country after he was accused by the authorities of committing illegal acts multiple times. From there, the film raises issues of migration with cultural collisions, identity conflicts, and how people face identity crises in the new era.

Local audiences will also have a chance to enjoy the two films of “Love, Deutschmarks and Death”, and “Ordinary People” on the evenings of November 25th -26th. The space at the Intercultural meeting place is open free of charge to all movie lovers.

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Brilliant Dragon Spring Festival

Alongside the significant programs and activities that have been taking place in the city to create a joyful and bustling atmosphere to welcome the Lunar New Year of Dragon, Hue City focuses on embellishing the streets to celebrate Tet (Lunar New Year), with the highlight of the 2024 Spring Festival stretching from the south bank of the Perfume River to parks and green spots in the city.

Brilliant Dragon Spring Festival
Local specialties for Tet holiday

Hue is an area with many regional specialties. The end of the year is an opportunity for these products to be more widely known in the market. Many stores selling agricultural and local specialties recently have also displayed products and specialties of the region for the Tet holiday.

Local specialties for Tet holiday
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