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08/01/2020 - 15:11

Firework performance to take place in Hue city on New Year's Eve

According to the Provincial People's Committee's plan to organize activities celebrating the Party’s anniversary and the Spring of Canh Ty Lunar New Year 2020, high-level firework performance will take place on New Year's Eve in Hue city and Huong Thuy town via the socialized resources.

In addition, another activity to welcome the Lunar New Year with the theme: "Celebrating the Party’s anniversary, welcoming the Spring; rejoicing in the renovation and integration of the homeland and the country" will be held at Quoc Hoc stele; in addition to many cultural activities, folk games, and sports activities in Hue city and its localities.

Hue Monuments Conservation Center will let the people visit the monuments for free from January 25 to January 27 (from the first day to the third day of Canh Ty Lunar New Year 2020), shoot the cannons, and light up the flag tower (Ky Dai) at the New Year's Eve, etc.

Especially, the 3D mapping program on "Digital interaction laser light slideshow on the Huong river" will be carried out for the first time on the occasion of the Lunar New Year.

By Thai Binh