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24/08/2020 - 08:29

Happiness in the new houses 

Near the end of his life, Mr. Ho Van Cu (76 years old) could not imagine that he and his wife would have a new and spacious house, after years of living temporarily on the relic. Thus, when the provincial leaders gave the key and gifts to the new house, he was extremely touched and satisfied. It is also the shared joy of 25 poor households living in the Thuong Thanh (the Wall Upper-Surface), who were given keys to the new complete houses in Huong So New Residential Area by the province on August 16.

These are the first 25 poor households selected among the poorest households, as the project to relocate people from Zone 1 of Hue Imperial City is implemented to support them in the form of giving keys to the new complete houses. Each house has an area of ​​about 60m2, including the ground floor and mezzanine, with a construction cost of about 200 million VND per house, mobilized by the Provincial People's Committee from many sources to support the construction of houses for the people.

After nearly a week of entering the new houses in Huong So New Residential Area, We realize that everyone is radiant and cheerful. That is shown through the series of photos by our team of reporters and collaborators of Thua Thien Hue Weekly.

Huong So New Residential Area is increasingly completed, with more synchronous infrastructure

Happily receiving keys to the new houses

The house owner’s name is printed on the house number sign so as to avoid confusion

Welcoming the first guest

Rechecking the electricity system for the residents

The new house is clean and decent

A warm meal in the new house