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27/02/2018 - 08:43

Hue Festival 2018: Ready to be experienced by tourists

In a couple more months, Festival Hue 2018 officially starts, promising to bring about new elements with a highlight themed "Hue: one destination - five heritages".

The Aodai retelling old tales. Photo: Tran Nhu Dang Tuyen

Taking pride in “Văn hiến kinh kỳ” (Hue Royal Inspiration)

The idea for Hue Festival came from the Vietnam-France Gathering in1992. Having been held nine times now, Festival Hue 2018 once again lives up to its reputation, being closely linked with important historical and cultural events of the province, namely the 50th anniversary of Mau Than General Offensive and Uprising in Spring 1968; the 230th anniversary of the coronation of Emperor Nguyen Hue at Ban mount; the 25th anniversary of the inscription of the Complex of Hue Monuments on UNESCO World Heritage List; the 15th anniversary of the recognition of Hue Royal Court Music by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Taking place from April 27 to May 2, the 10th Festival Hue, themed "Cultural Heritage with Integration and Development", is a continuation of the preceding nine successful festivals. The Nguyen Dynasty left five cultural heritages inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage List to mankind, including the Complex of Hue monuments, Hue Royal Court Music, woodblocks of the Nguyen Dynasty, official administrative documents of the Nguyen Dynasty and poetry on Hue royal architecture. Therefore, Hue Festival 2018 is a chance for Thua Thien Hue province to promote the five world heritages to international tourists.

Hue Festival has enriched the art life of the local people. Photo: Bao Minh

"Hue Royal Inspiration" show is a highlight in Hue Festival 2018, showcasing unique values peculiar to the five world heritages of the ancient capital of Hue. Combining traditional art of Royal Hue and special performance techniques, the show is an account of the history of the Nguyen Dynasty, beginning from the unification of the country into a sovereign state, establishing Hue as the capital city to turning Vietnam into a powerful state in the region.

That power was made up of the territorial sovereignty and a rich culture, which had been developing for numerous generations. In the Nguyen Dynasty, some cultural intangible values were brought to a whole new level, with Hue Royal Court Music becoming the norm and poetry on royal architecture the voice of the nation.  

Dr. Phan Thanh Hai, director of Hue Monuments Conservation Center, affirms "In an effort to celebrate the finest cultural values of our nation, we are putting all our energies into rehearsal so that the show "Hue Royal Inspiration" will succeed in telling a gripping and well-illustrated story about the pride of this land. After the Festival, the show is planned to be put on stage on a regular basis and incorporated into the night tour program in the Imperial Citadel."

A warm welcome awaiting tourists

Each Hue Festival held is another opportunity for the local people to get closer to arts and enjoy numerous fascinating and outstanding performances bearing the stamp of a variety of cultures around the world. Consequently, Hue Festivals not only enrich the local's spiritual life but also present Hue values to the world and embrace other cultures. In the coming Hue Festival, the province has meticulously selected and invited outstanding foreign troupes representative of their countries' arts, as well as domestic troupes representative of various subcultures in Vietnam.

Hue Festival provides an opportunity to enjoy a multiple of unique art shows. Photo: VĐN

Hue Festival 2018 will certainly bring about new fascinating experiences for tourists with its outstanding shows such as Văn hiến kinh kỳ show (Hue Royal Inspiration), Hát Chầu văn festival (spiritual singing), Trinh Cong Son composer music night, Ao dai show and street performances, etc.

Hue Festival 2018, a closer step toward an international "trademark", is a chance for peoples across the globe to gather and put on stage cultural elements peculiar to their countries. Therefore, on that basis, new opportunities for cooperation, friendship are created in a common effort to build a peaceful and prosperous world with cultural diversity serving as the cornerstone.

By Dong Van