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20/01/2020 - 09:08

Presenting diplomas to students mainly taught in English

On the morning of January 18, Hue Tourism College in collaboration with the Vietnam Project, Chisholm Institute, Australia organized the award of diploma to 45 students trained under the international key vocational pilot training program at college level, according to the program transfered from Australia.

Presenting diplomas to students

This is the first nationwide pilot training course of the General Department of Vocational Training, which is now the General Department of Vocational Education, Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, transferring 12 sets of programs from Australia to 25 schools in the country. Particularly, Hue Tourism College is assigned by the General Department of Vocational Education to deploy 2 training programs on Resort Management and Tour Guide.

The training program is built on a competency-based approach, designing learners’ competence-focused modules for self-study, autonomy and self-responsibility. In particular, English is the language used in teaching. Each competence module is specifically designed, with specific requirements associated with hands-on activities and on-site visits.

Businesses participating in recruiting students at the job fair

The result is as follows: 45 students are recognized as graduates with the diplomas of Australia, accounting for 95.7%; of which, 23 students graduate in Resort Management, accounting for 92% (including 19 students achieve excellent grade, 2 students achieve very good grade and 2 students achieve good grade, while the last 2 students are continuing to update the capacity modules); 22 students of the Tour Guide sector are recognized as graduates, accounting for 100% (including 18 students achieve excellent grade, 4 students achieve very good grade, according to the training regulations and assessment rules of Australia).

For the Vietnamese diploma, there are 20 graduates in Resort Management sector, accounting for 80%, and 21 graduates in Tour Guides sector, accounting for 95.5%.

Also on the morning of January 18, after receiving the diploma, all students participated in the job fair organized by Hue Tourism College in collaboration with enterprises.

By Duc Quang