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28/03/2018 - 08:09

To Welcome Sea - Lagoon Tourism Season

Phu Vang District is making active preparations to welcome the 2018 sea-lagoon tourism season with the desire to effectively exploit the potential.

Tourists having fun at Thuan An Beach


Afternoon sunshine is spreading out.  Thuan An Beach with white sand is so clean. The restaurants have just been re-painted and embellished. Together some groups of tourists go down the wave edge to play, others enter restaurants to order food and drink, leisurely enjoy them and view the sea. Phu Thuan and Phu Dien Beaches also begin to welcome tourists though there are only a few of them.

In order to attract tourists, under the guidance of the District People's Committee, the Thuan An Town People's Committee has invested in improving the infrastructure, building the beach landscape, and strengthening the beach management board. Accordingly, the lifeguard team, security guard team, and sanitation team increase in quantity and quality for security, order, rescue and environmental sanitation.

The Thuan An Town People's Committee has continued to organize many series of cleaning in bathing areas and roads. Lifeguard team members are trained in professional competence to improve the safety of tourists swimming in the sea.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Long, Sao Bien (Seastar) Restaurant’s owner said that he had the walls, porch painted, more furniture bought, and the light bulb system replaced. The bathrooms are also refurbished. Other restaurants’ owners at Thuan An Beach also renovate the facilities to satisfy tourists’ needs.

"We have to make multifaceted, scrupulous provisions to the satisfaction of tourists so that they may desire to get back many times,” said Mr. Nguyen Van Hoang, Huong Bien (Sea Flavor) Restaurant’s owner.

According to Mr. Le Thai Tuan, Head of the Culture and Information Department of Phu Vang District, the aforesaid preparation work is being carried out at the beaches in the district. The People's Committees at all levels should  grasp it,  and regularly inspect the service quality improvement of the beaches, intensify the strict control of the service counters in listing the prices and selling at the listed prices, and ensure environmental sanitation, food hygiene and safety .


The "Thuan An Bien Goi" (Thuan An – Allure of the Sea) Festival (one of the arts programs in the activity chain occurring at Hue Festival 2018) is the highlight of the sea-lagoon tourism season to make a good impression on tourists. Therefore, special attention should be devoted to the preparatory work.

The "Thuan An Bien Goi" Festival 2018 is expected to be held with a wide variety of unique, attractive forms.  Cultural activities, arts performances, and community sports imbued with the local cultural identity will enormously appeal to tourists at home and abroad.

Mr. Le Thai Tuan said that laying down such requirements means that the staff of the department and subcommittees (on content, broadcasting, logistics-finance, security, health, environment, etc. ) under the Festival Organization Committee need a pressing and perfect coordination for the preparatory work.

The detailed plan has been completed with many options for the fruitful organization of art performances, community sport activities, and traditional craft villages. Also, paving   the way for the "Thuan An Bien Goi" Festival 2018 in particular and sea-lagoon tourism in general requires greater cooperation from the community. As hosts, the locals should make good preparations to welcome tourists.

The propaganda and promotion of sea-lagoon tourism, the promotion of the destination image in various forms through the media, social networking sites, and the district information website having been stepped up can draw a huge number of tourists.

In 2018, there is a need to strive for the average annual growth rate of 14% in tourists to Phu Vang. The total number of tourist arrivals is expected to reach about 1 million; the total turnover is VND100 billion and over. The number of tourists who stay amounts to 25 thousand and over, more than 14 thousand of whom are international tourists with an eye to contributing  over 20% to the total socio-economic revenue of the district.

Story and  photo: Quynh Anh