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Youth join hands to clean up the sea

TTH.VN - On the morning of June 4, at Thuan An Beach (Hue City), the Provincial Youth Union organized a launching ceremony of the campaign "Make the world cleaner" and the campaign "Let's clean up the sea” in 2022, in response to World Environment Day (June 5).

Cycling for tourism and the environmentKeeping the green color in Hue

Youth union members and young people clean up garbage at the beach area

At the launching ceremony, Secretary of the Provincial Youth Union Nguyen Thanh Hoai called for the active participation of the youth union members, proving the spirit of volunteering, promoting the implementation of environmental protection activities, contributing to the spread of the campaigns in the society.

Within the framework of the program, the Organizing Committee has launched two model groups to propagandize building civilized restaurants, food stalls, and "People's market with reduction of plastic waste". At the same time, ten local fishermen, who exchanged garbage in the activity "Exchanging garbage for gifts", received the gifts.

This is a movement launched by the Standing Committee of the Provincial Youth Union, under the project “Enhancing communities’ capacity in environment protection linked with developing tourism in lagoons” of the Global Environment Fund.

At the end of the ceremony, more than 300 youth union members and young people from Hue City’s Youth Union and Phu Vang District’s Youth Union participated in the cleaning up of the Thuan An beach.

*Phu Vang District’s Youth Union has cooperated with the Youth Unions of agencies and enterprises in the province, and the Youth Union of the Provincial Border Guard to respond to the program. They also gave ten cabinets of medicine to the local fishermen, and ten scholarships to local students with difficult circumstances.

By M. Nguyen - Q. Anh

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Collecting “luck from the sea”

From after January until now, jellyfish have begun to appear. Depending on the tide, jellyfish are often washed ashore by waves. This is also the time when many people go to the beach to try their luck by collecting jellyfish.

Collecting “luck from the sea”
"Strong about the sea, rich from the sea"

In a recent exchange highlighting the province's efforts to focus on infrastructure development, Mr. Phan Quy Phuong, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, emphasized the goal of investing in infrastructure, particularly in ports, industrial zones, and customs-free zones, to serve production and business development.

Strong about the sea, rich from the sea
Life anchored ashore

They cling to the sea out of their long-standing passion. I realize great anxieties deep in the eyes of those people.

Life anchored ashore
Hue youth and the passion for skateboards

Every day at around 4:30 p.m., as long as it doesn't rain, at Thuong Bac Park, Da Vien Park, or at the foot of Truong Tien Bridge, we can easily catch up with a group of about 20 young men and women, who wear loose sportswear, suede flats, and hold skateboards. They often practice and perform attractive sliding movements.

Hue youth and the passion for skateboards
Museums captivate the youth

On social media platforms, keywords related to historical museums and fine arts museums are capturing the interest of numerous young people. These places not only are venues for taking beautiful photos but also attract the youth who want to delve into the understanding of history and culture when visiting museums.

Museums captivate the youth
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