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Airport and seaports are invested, and urban areas are connected

TTH.VN - Invested seaports and airport, along with connecting routes, will create motivation for the formation and development of the urban chain from Hue to Huong Thuy and to Chan May - Lang Co.

Speeding up urban embellishment projectsChan May - Lang Co to develop towards a modern coastal urban areaWelcoming the first international flight to Terminal 2 - Phu Bai International Airport

 The super aircraft Boeing 787 landed at Phu Bai Airport in mid-July this year

Welcoming large ships and wide-body aircrafts

The event of the Deltic Dolphin ship of Voyager Logistics SDN BHD (Malaysia), which handled and transported 120 SOC cargo containers on the route of Sibu (Malaysia) - Chan May (Vietnam) - Pontianak (Indonesia), and docked at Chan May port at the end of 2022, opened up opportunities to welcome large cargo ships to Thua Thien Hue. Since then, large cargo ships can dock directly at Chan May port and need not go through an intermediate port.

Similarly, earlier this year, Chan May also welcomed a large luxury cruise ship carrying 2,200 visitors and the ship’s crew of nearly 900 members. This was also the first ship to dock at Chan May port after several years of interruption due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic. Next, the Europa international cruise ship also docked at Chan May port, carrying more than 300 German visitors to Vietnam along the sea route of Hue - Da Nang - Ho Chi Minh City within 5 days.

Chan May port is expected to welcome about 25 international cruise ships in 2023, with about 40,680 passengers, and 17,500 crewmembers coming to Hue to stay and visit scenic spots.

In mid-July this year, Phu Bai International Airport welcomed the wide-body "super aircraft" Boeing 787 of Vietnam Airlines. In addition to the ability to transport 300 passengers per trip, the Boeing 787 is also considered a "flying hotel", with its comfortable and luxurious passenger cabin, creating favorable conditions for Vietnam Airlines to bring international visitors to Hue.

Currently, this airline is working to increase the frequency of domestic flights using the super wide-body aircraft to Hue; at the same time, expanding and increasing international flights, focusing on luxury visitor markets to bring visitors to Hue so as to contribute to the locality in diversifying the visitor flows and upgrading the quality of tourism, aiming at high-class and high-spending tourism.

In term of roads, the works of investing, completing, putting into use, and exploiting the La Son - Tuy Loan and La Son - Cam Lo expressways have contributed to reducing the traffic load on the National Highway 1A, and shortening travel time between regions. As traffic is smooth, trade will be more convenient. Thanks to that, people's lives are also improved and enhanced.

 Terminal T2, put into operation, contributing to attracting visitors and connecting regions

“The tree has borne sweet fruit”

The reality of large aircrafts landing at Phu Bai International Airport and large ships docking at Chan May port shows that the investment has initially brought back positive effects in terms of economy and tourism...

In order to welcome the wide-body "super aircraft" Boeing 787, Phu Bai International Airport has been invested in expanding and upgrading, where its Terminal T2 has been inaugurated and put into operation, with the ability to welcome about 5 million passengers per year, as well as international super aircrafts.

The Terminal T2 expansion project is part of the national air transport development plan in the period of 2020 - 2030, which was approved by the Prime Minister. The project helps improve the operating capacity of Phu Bai airport to reach the 4E level, meeting the local residents' travel demand, contributing to attracting visitors and investors, and creating new motivation to promote economic growth of the province as well as the region.

Similarly, after the investment in expanding and upgrading the port, such as the construction of Phase 1 of the breakwater at Chan May Port (450m), which has been completed, and its Phase 2, with an additional 300m, which is currently underway, etc., the effectiveness has been initially recorded, especially in welcoming large ships to the port.

In addition, the granted investment licenses for the construction of Berths 4 and 5 at Chan May port, with the capacity to receive general cargo and container ships up to 4,000 TEUs, will meet the demand for container transportation and open up more opportunities to Chan May port in the coming time.

Along with that, the Thuan An, Vinh Hien, Dien Loc port system in Phong Dien wharf area, which has been being invested, also promises to help with better trade and transportation, contributing to economic and urban connections among regions.

It can be seen that when airport and ports are invested, many other infrastructure and institutions will also be invested, upgraded and expanded. A typical example is Phu Bai International Airport, after being invested in expanding and upgrading, the connecting route from Hue city to Phu Bai was also considered to be invested.

Accordingly, the project of extending To Huu Street to Phu Bai airport, with a length of nearly 10 kilometers, with a total investment of more than 1,140 billion VND has been approved. Once being completed, this project will contribute to shortening the distance between Hue city center and Phu Bai airport, as well as between Hue urban area and Huong Thuy. Besides, when the route is put into operation, chains of accompanying services will be formed and the urban space will be extended, forming an urban chain linking Hue and Huong Thuy.

In order to operate Dien Loc seaport effectively, the route connecting Phong Dien town center has also been invested, which was commenced in 2018 with a total capital of more than 568 billion VND from the State budget. The scale of the route is more than 16.5 kilometers long, with the starting point connecting to the National Highway 1A (passing through Phong Dien town) and the ending point connecting to Dien Loc beach. The completed route will also contribute to changing the appearance of Dien Loc and Ngu Dien areas.

Chan May seaport and Phu Bai International Airport play a very important role in connecting regions, countries and regions. Therefore, the investment in these ports and airport is strategic steps in developing the economy, connecting urban and shortening regional distances.

As clearly realizing that importance, the province and the Government have had satisfactory investment policies for Hue. The remaining problem is how to effectively exploit these potentials and strengths as well as the facilities and infrastructure systems to create a breakthrough in economic development, making Thua Thien Hue a leading developing province in the region, with good and sustainable budget revenue.

Story and photos: Tam Hue and Minh Hieu
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