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Eye-catching household products made from the covers of instant noodles

TTH.VN - “Reaching the sustainability from noodle covers” is a program carried out in Hue by the Green Instant Noodle Club from July 26 to train knitting techniques for people with disability at Hope Center – a Vocational Training and Job Creation Center for People with Disability and Children in Difficult Circumstances (No.20 Nhat Le St., Hue City).

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 Training knitting techniques at Hope Center. Photo: Thua Thien Hue Circular Economy Network

With collected instant noodle covers, the members of the Green Instant Noodle Club have trained disabled people and children in difficult circumstances at Hope Center to create household products and jewelry, such as bracelets, earrings, baskets, bags, pen boxes, etc. by combining Vietnamese traditional bamboo and rattan knitting techniques with modern material is the covers of instant noodles.

The Green Instant Noodle Club was founded by the students and teachers of Vinschool Times City High school (Hanoi), using the covers of used instant noodles and Vietnamese traditional bamboo and rattan knitting techniques to make useful handmade products. The products made by the Green Instant Noodle not only carry creativity but also have high applicability with numberless eye-catching designs, waterproof, tough, and resistant materials. The finished products contribute to reducing the amount of plastic released into the environment.

The project “Green Instant Noodle” received funding from the Contest of “Hue plastic waste reduction initiatives 2023” to implement the action to contribute to the work of plastic waste reduction in Hue.

The representative of the Green Instant Noodle Club said: “To respond to the goal of turning Hue into a plastic-reducing urban, we aim to connect and raise the awareness of Hue locals on waste recycling and sustainable living. The Green Instant Noodle believes that the creativity and the passion for recycling the cover of instant noodles can create a greener living environment for the community and we will together to build up a more sustainable Hue City”.

By Minh Hien
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