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Opportunities from international air routes sought

TTH.VN - The direct flight connecting Hue with Incheon (South Korea) will take off on July 31. Hue's tourism sector and many travel businesses are pooling efforts to seek opportunities to develop tourism and open the market for Korean tourists in particular and international tourists in general.

Connecting to open new domestic and international flights to HueThe aircraft of Vietravel Airlines lands for the first time at Phu Bai International AirportOfficially establishing Vietravel Airlines with its headquarter set in HueNew flights, new routes

The opening of international air routes will open up opportunities to draw more international tourists to Hue 


Recently, many travel businesses in Hue have opened a 5-day 4-night tour with direct flight from Hue to Incheon (Korea) from July 31 to August 4. This is a charter flight - a flight rented for the whole trip, all-inclusive for the travel agency to take tourists on a tour according to a set itinerary.

Departing from Hue, tourists will visit Nami Island, which is known as the island of love and was once chosen as the studio for the famous movie "Winter Sonata" or check in the Everland Park - Korea’s largest theme park, with the experience of wearing traditional costumes and going to the local market of Korean people... Mr. Vu Van Chuong, Vice Chairman of the Provincial Travel Association said, at the price of 15,990.000 VND per tourist, it can be seen that the cost is quite reasonable for tourists wishing to fly directly from Hue to South Korea.

According to Mr. Tran Xuan Nam, Director of Restour One Member Company, Ltd, the number of customers ordering the tour is quite large. From this charter flight, the expectation of exploiting two-way tours, especially for Korean tourists to Hue, is also high. Travel businesses will join hands to promote tourism and publicize typical tourism products at reasonable prices. 

The time from now to July 31 is little, so the issue of visa application receives much attention. Duong Thi Cong Ly, Director of Vietnam Hanoi Tourism Joint Stock Company - Hue Branch said that the Department of Tourism will recommend the Provincial People's Committee to send a note to the Korean Embassy in Vietnam for faster visa approval 

This charter flight is expected to carry 230 passengers. Aside from the tour serving tourists, the parties will join forces to promote tourism. Nguyen Van Phuc, Director of the Department of Tourism, said that during this flight, the working delegation of the province, tourism sector, and travel businesses will join in the conference on tourism promotion and cultural publicity in Seoul. Tourism cooperation and promotion activities will be stepped up. In the opposite direction, there will also be a program to survey and introduce the quintessence of Hue tourist destinations and products to open the Korean tourist market to Hue.

Opportunities for tourism provided

Since the T2 terminal of Phu Bai International Airport (HKQT) was put into operation, the story of opening new routes, linking international flight promotion, and offering opportunities for quick tourism development has captured more attention than ever before. 

The Provincial People's Committee had a meeting session with Vietnam Aviation Corporation (Vietnam Airlines) to promote domestic and international routes to and from Phu Bai International Airport. Recently, on May 30, leaders of the Provincial People's Committee also had a working session with the Trade Department - Vietjet Aviation Joint Stock Company on opening new domestic and international routes to Hue. 

The good news is that Vietjet Aviation Joint Stock Company will continue to support and coordinate with the province according to the contents discussed with the province; be ready to provide comfortable and friendly air services to exploit key international routes, connecting tourist cities of Vietnam to other countries. Top priority is given to opening air routes to countries such as Singapore, Thailand, and South Korea. 

It is no exaggeration to say that the Hue - Incheon (Korea) charter flight is the opening of a new chapter of Hue tourism. It is not merely for businesses to explore, survey customer needs, or promote the tourism of a country, but more importantly, it will create a precondition for subsequent success.

Mr. Vu Van Chuong affirmed that the success of the Hue - Incheon (Korea) charter flight with tourism promotion activities will open up many opportunities for future commercial flights, and Hue - Korea two-way tourism is boosted by travel businesses. From this foundation, businesses will also cooperate with airlines to develop tourism in the Korean market and many other countries.

The provincial policy when the T2 terminal of Phu Bai international airport is put into operation is to develop domestic flights; study to open the flights to other localities; give priority to opening flights to Singapore, Thailand, and flights to other markets such as Macau, Taiwan; increase the frequency of flights to and from Phu Bai International Airport. When the goal is realized, the opportunities for the tourism industry are huge.

Mr. Dinh Manh Thang, Chairman of the Provincial Tourism Association, said that with a land rich in tourism potential like Thua Thien Hue, along with convenient transportation infrastructure, especially the international airport upgraded, there is no reason not to exploit the international tourist market.

Coupled with the efforts in the upcoming Hue - Incheon (Korea) charter flight, the tourism sector should also continue to be more proactive in promoting the expansion of international tourist markets, and proactively propose new solutions to the provincial leadership. Simultaneously, it should boost promotion work, bringing Hue's image to the markets more effectively.

Story and photo: Huu Phuc
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