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Opportunity for market expansion and connection

TTH.VN - Identifying the enhancement of commercial promotion activities as a crucial factor contributing to improving the efficiency of production and business operations for enterprises, serving as a bridge to promote collaboration opportunities among enterprises, distributors, and consumers, Hue City has implemented various solutions to promote commercial promotion activities within its jurisdiction.

Hue City: Many policies to support businesses to enter the Hue marketCompanionship and support

 Tourists visit booths showcasing products such as hats and bags made from lotus leaves

Promoting the brand of various products

After years of researching and studying on breeding and processing of swiftlet nests, in 2016, Mr. Le Van Loc, Director of Anna Swiftlet Nest Production Company in An Dong Ward, Hue City, invested in constructing swiftlet farms and successfully started the "made in Hue" swiftlet nest specialty.

Over the past 8 years of dedication to swiftlet nest specialties and with a scaled breeding facility producing high-quality products, through Hue City's commercial promotion activities and collaboration with departments, Anna swiftlet nest products have reached many provinces and cities nationwide with increasing consumption volumes.

"Through participation in exhibitions and product introductions at trade fairs both within and outside the province, products of the company are increasingly recognized by residents and tourists, contributing to brand affirmation and increased sales. From a small-scale facility, Anna's swiftlet nest farms now boast up to 70,000 birds," shared Mr. Le Van Loc.

Alongside swiftlet nest products, through commercial promotion activities efforts, many "made in Hue" specialties have established their brands and gained popularity among tourists, contributing to expanding the consumer market. These include eucalyptus oil, sesame candy, royal tea, traditional Ao Dai, products from grass and woven bamboo, and woodcrafts.

According to the leadership of Hue City People's Committee, being a first-tier urban area directly under the province, strategically located in the central region's key economic area with numerous cultural and scenic landmarks; these provide a foundation for Hue City to enhance efforts in promoting investment attraction, building and developing the city sustainably based on heritage values and culture, contributing collectively to making Hue City a dynamic and desirable urban destination for both Vietnam and the region. Concurrently, enhancing commercial promotion activities helps to promote brand names and expand the market for Hue handicrafts, souvenirs, and specialties.

Market expansion through connection

In 2024, various commercial promotion activities have been implanted by the city, including: organizing trade exchanges, introductions, and expanding the consumer market for handicrafts, specialties, key products and OCOP products of the city; participating in domestic commercial promotion activities with delegations of the province, where the trade group promotes the consumption of provincial specialties and key products;...

Simultaneously, it has organized activities to improve business capacity, expand the market such as supporting traditional crafts and villages in Hue enhance promotion capabilities, seek markets, and develop e-commerce trade methods; it has also organized training courses on commercial ethics and food safety for production and business operations in the economic sector...

To widely disseminate commercial promotion activities to the public and enterprises, in the coming time, Hue City will enhance propaganda activities, mobilize production and business operations to participate in the promotional month sales program organized by the provincial People's Committee and the "Vietnamese prioritize using Vietnamese products" campaign initiated by the Political Bureau. Concurrently, the city will be promoting and guiding production and business operations to register for the use rights of "Identification stamp for handicraft products" and "Hue specialty stamp"...

Hue City leaders emphasize that fostering commercial promotion activities aims to actively support production and business operations, handicrafts, specialties, OCOP products; and potential key products which are the strength of the city in enhancing competitiveness, expanding markets in economic integration conditions. These will create favorable conditions to connect production with consumption of local specialty products, key products along the value chain. Thereby, the city aims to create conditions for products to assert their position in the domestic market, effectively contributing to the implementation of the "Vietnamese prioritize using Vietnamese products" campaign.

Story and photo: Thanh Huong
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