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Restoring Truong Tien Bridge into a pedestrian street

TTH.VN - Truong Tien Bridge crossing the Huong River (Hue City) many important sections of which are being repaired and restored. In this period, besides restoring ten sightseeing stops, investors will study a ban on cars from crossing the bridge.

A sightseeing stop has been completed

In the Truong Tien Bridge Repair Project, Road Regional Bureau II is the owner’s representative and An Giang Dragon Construction and Consultant Joint Stock Company is the construction organization, with a total investment capital of 3.8 billion VND; and it is expected to be completed by mid-October of this year.

Restoring “the original shape” for the bridge

At present, the construction organization is in progress of drilling and implanting steel and installing four out of total ten sightseeing stops on both the footpaths as designed in the King Bao Dai period; repairing the damage in reinforced concrete slabs under the bridge and tiling the ground on both sides of the bridge and its footpaths. In order to handle the local rust stains under the bridge, workers use a sandblasting machine to clean the surface of some sections before repainting the bridge.

Mr. Bui Ha Bac, technical staff (An Giang Dragon Construction and Consultant Joint Stock Company) said: "Despite the hot sunlight, the company always mobilizes 20 construction workers to ensure the rate of progress; currently, approximately 40% of the workload has been done and it is expected to be completed by the 14th of October."

The construction crew is drilling, implanting steel into the abutments and installing sightseeing stops on the bridge.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hai, Head of the construction team, asserted: “In order to avoid pollution, sandblasting treatment to remove local rust stain is going to be conducted from 21 o’clock at night. The construction crew has drilled bridge piers 1, 2, 5 and implanted steel into the bridge abutments to install sightseeing stops on its upper part; also blocked one footpath to gather construction materials and ensured the safety for pedestrians.

Mr. Dang Nguyen Ngoc Linh, Deputy Manager of Road Regional Branch II.6 (Road Regional Bureau II, Ministry of Transport) which is the organization taking direct responsibility for managing and repairing the construction, assessed: “Truong Tien Bridge is an important point in general architecture planning of Hue Citadel. Therefore, after consulting with researchers and local authorities, we are unanimous in the plan of repairing and restoring some sections of Truong Tien Bridge.”

Accordingly, a balcony system including ten sightseeing stops for pedestrians (7 meters long and 1.25 meters wide for each stop) that previously existed will be supplemented and restored. In this phase, they have also repaired some other sections such as the stairways on the abutments at the two sides of the bridge, the concrete footpaths will be replaced by blue tiles, and road markings and rusted steel balconies will be repainted. After the restoration and repair is completed, in addition to repainting, the investor will return the original name "Truong Tien" to the bridge.

A proposal to ban cars after completion

Mr. Dang Nguyen Ngoc Linh said that the prohibition of vehicles was being proposed. Due to the narrow bridge (only over 5 meters wide), they recently only have worked on the lower part of the bridge and installed some sightseeing stops, then when the bridge surface has been recovered, they will ban means of transport from crossing the bridge.

"With the aim of minimizing adverse effects on residents and visitors, removing asphalt concrete base and plastering it again will be done within 2 to 3 days at night, from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.,” stated Mr. Linh.

After completing the repair, the Road Regional Bureau II will study a ban on cars from crossing the bridge as proposed by the provincial People's Committee instead of being in a time slot as it is now.

Recently, Hue City People's Committee has informed that along with Chu Van An - Pham Ngu Lao - Vo Thi Sau pedestrian street, after the repair of Truong Tien Bridge is completed, a ban on vehicles will be piloted, reserving the bridge for pedestrians on weekend evenings to connect the pedestrian routes from the southern to the northern bank of the Huong River. At present, Hue City People's Committee is consulting with the provincial People's Committee, the Ministry of Transport and other relevant agencies.

Story and photos: Nguyen Khanh

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